Friday, June 15, 2012

Teething problems

Scania Truck Driving Simulator has been out for some 48 hours on the official website, and frankly speaking, many things did not go quite right, as you have witnessed yourself. Our hand was forced to launch the game website a few days ahead of plan, due to the fact that the game hit the shops in Poland a week before the official global street date. It was urgent to get the leaderboards and online registration process up and running. This in turned caused an avalanche of complains from you, our most dedicated fans, that it's not fair not to be able to join in the fun while people in one country already can. So to make you happy, we want ahead and started offering the digital edition as well, while all preparations were not yet fully completed. There were so many people immediately downloading the game that our servers almost melted, and we did not manage to add mirrors for the downloads fast enough. Then even the official game site went down for a few minutes due to traffic overload. But there hides some good news in the bad news - it's good to have problems because so many people are so interested in getting their hands on the game!

By the way in Poland the Polish box edition of the game is doing quite well, currently sitting nicely at #5 in the Best Seller chart at We know that our games have a huge following in Poland, but it would be a dream to be able to replicate this on other markets next week.

We are preparing the first patch for the game which should be available for download next week, and address many of the glitches reported over the past few days. The patch will also include a couple of new Dangerous Drives challenges. We are planning several free content updates for the game which are going to come to you through a series of patches - quite a lot of new stuff. Yet more Dangerous Drives are in the pipeline, and also a sizable extension of the free-roaming map for "Deliveries." We will also use the new patch to ban the leaked keys which unfortunately somebody felt the need to share with the rest of the world.

We are about to upload some new texts onto GetLocalization, and we would highly appreciate again your help there, both with the new texts and also with polishing of the existing translations. Now that the game is out in your hands you can finally see clearly how the translations feel and where there is an opportunity for improvement. Thank you for your help!