Monday, August 6, 2012

Competition results

As promised, we have created a little video - actually two of them - of the best performance(s) in the competition.

The feature of the game to show re-plays of other players driving in the game challenges is a unfortunately not as widely used as we had hoped. Our estimates are that less than 20% of customers who have purchased the game took the time to register on the official website, so they are not only unable to take part in the competitions, but also are not even able to visually check out the best results and learn something from them. We are thinking of changing this feature of the game when we update it again, so that even people playing the unregistered or unactivated game in demo mode can see those recordings. We thought about whether to include this feature for every player during the initial game's release, but we feared that the initial piracy spike experienced by any game would cause so much traffic to our results database that we would be effectively suffering from a DDoS-like problem.

Seeing how close the results were, we are ready to give a free copy of ETS2 not just to the best 3 participants of the competition, but to include the first FOUR places :-).

So again congratulations to Rou10, Astoria711, easynote, and nemesis99 - you are going to get an e-mail from us later today (or early tomorrow at the latest) officially confirming your prize.