Friday, August 31, 2012

Steam Greenlight is here!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been officially submitted to Valve's Greenlight today!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 logo

Let's celebrate it by unveiling the new official ETS2 logo :-)

If you want to help us make the game appear on Steam, please vote for it here:

Quite a few people have raised their concern that if the game supports Steam, they will avoid it. Obviously public opinion on Steam is split - some people like it, some don't. Rest assured that Steam was always considered as a complementary distribution channel for us - we would not require people buying the game in the box edition in stores or digitally from our own website to have to install Steam or use any Steam services. But being present on Steam is very important for any independent game developer. Steam is the 800-pound gorilla of the digital distribution world, many people just go there for their games, many people discover new games only thanks to Steam. This could bring us additional sales that we couldn't get otherwise - and additional sales mean more funding for further improvements of ETS2 as well as for our future projects. Our games are 100% financed by your purchases and nothing else - we don't have any big publisher investing into our projects.

Note: There appeared a fan submission for the game to Greenlight system yesterday already, causing a bit of confusion. It looks like a too-active fan from Poland has managed to submit the game overnight, faster than we could have done so ourselves. Please don't vote for this alternate submission, we have no option but to have it removed by legal action. We have no control of the contents of the other submission.

If the person who submitted ETS2 for Greenglight reads this, we would really appreciate if he could get in touch with us so that we can try to see if we can fix the problem in amicable way. I am sure the game wasn't entered to do us harm, it looks like a dedicated fan trying to help - but in fact it is competing for people's attention with the official submission, probably taking away votes voting process that should be going to the correct entry.

[post updated to reflect recent developments]