Monday, December 20, 2010

Extreme Trucker 2 on YouTube

We have been neglecting our YouTube channel in recent months, but in the next few weeks we hope to be able to show off a few nice things there again. We are starting slowly for now, with a slideshow of yet another set of cool screenshots from 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2.


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  2. same as ET1 just few new things... thats all i can say for pictures..

  3. CDMC unfortunately, you're right!
    Same as ET1! :((((

  4. sorry,

    thats all i can say "form" pictures..


    I'm gonna buy it! I've heard it comes out on January 3rd. Is that true, SCS?

  6. I don't want to be rude but if we wanted more pictures we visit your facebook page. On youtube we want some gameplay to see the new physics that this games are all about. we haven't seen a gameplay video with ets 2 and et 2. Please make a small video for the both games.

  7. Guys give them some time, your bring way to pushy...yeah gameplay vids would be great, but they can do them when ever they feel like it ok

    so be patient

  8. ETS 2 gameplay video play please...

  9. Good to see something about ET2 again.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  10. Hello SCS guys!

    Another instructive video:

    The success lies in the details!

    It will be really a simulator game! And ETS2?

  11. Some example dynamic shadow/light effect from TML Studios in 2011:

    When will be such pictures from the ETS2?

  12. I like those pictures, especially the water. However, I still think that an American Long Haul 2 would be much better than the ET2 or the ETS2.

  13. We have a non-compete clause in our publishing contracts, which for some years prevented us from self-publishing any trucking game about American trucks for the US market. All we could do is just to work on order and budget from the publisher.

    We have self-published (took the big risk to finance ourselves) development of Euro Truck and also GTS and UKTS. The jury is still out on whether these big risks will be worth it and pay back the investment.

    Anyway, once this non-compete clause lapses, we will no longer have things dictated to us when it comes to content and feature set of a new North-America-oriented trucking game. That would be the time to produce a worthy American trucking game - if financial situation allows.

  14. 18 wheels of steel american long haul new patch?
    Gameplay problem reflection...etc

    My pc system
    Core 2 Quad Q9650 4x3.0
    Graphics card Zotac GTX480 1536 Mb Amp
    Windows 7
    Sorry for my english..

  15. SCS Software if you need more money why don't you make expansion packs?

    Lets just say with few new trucks, maybe few more roads (or new country/cities) , maybe some new parts,upgrades for trucks and sell all this for,well...i don't know.. 10-15$?

    i don't know about other but ill buy stuff like this.

    About game patches: please don't forget your older games! please support them.

    What happen to American Long Haul? you left it with many bugs.. bugs that comes from Haulin and even some from Convoy.. i fixed as many as i can but c'mon... you are the Great SCS Software not me, so i think you have to fix your mistakes.

    Many people still playing old Haulin/ALH even Pedal to the Metal games and thinking that some day they see a new US trucks game from you SCS!

    I also hope that 18Wos series are still alive and you will make a new American Long Haul "2" or something like that in a future.

  16. +1 to that !

    People WOULD buy that stuff.

    It would be cheap and easy for you to produce and make quite a bit of money.

  17. I think if SCS Software create a something modding tools for their old (or new) games it will be awesome. Modmakers really need tools like .pma animation editor or prefab creator or new world editor (like in trainz). This tools will give more abilities for creating new cool stuff for games and if SCS make this tools shareware, that gives them some money...guys, just think about it...

  18. Oh... I don't want DLCs (or whatever we call it) for SCS games. Yes, I know lots of publishers doing it, and it's very profitable - but for publishers, not very for developers. In addition, it often leads to releasing unfinished games and players are unjustly mad on who? On developers, instead of publishers.

    But apart of DLCs is good or bad idea, I'm pretty sure making expansion packs for american-based games is treated in contract with ValuSoft as well as making quite new games for U.S. market.

    Totaly agree with FRENZYMAX_RUS, I would very welcome tools for making new prefabs etc. and I would buy them.

  19. There is tools for editing...

    For animations use 3D Maya..
    You can also use Zmodeler, 3ds Max or other programs...

    These programs are not free and you want that SCS made them from scratch and give to you for only game price?... thats just to much...

    I don't think that SCS have there own build programs to make game models or prefabs...
    I can make them in programs listed above..

    Everything is possible!
    You just need to know what are you doing!

    btw about unfinished games and dlc's..

    I'm not saying that they release unfinished game and after a month releasing dlc with all of the rest stuff and putting a price tag on it..

    What i mean they release a game like ETS2 and after some time release a dlc with new trucks, cargos, new upgrade parts and maybe few new cities.

    That way people don't have to complain that they are releasing same game with a different name..

  20. @CDMC: Well, in that case maybe... it's complicated question. You know, I'm older player, so for major part of my life I was accustomed only huge addons are made for money. I'm sure addon with few trucks or cities would have been for free. (As we can see, there's no problem with Rondomedia: Britain for ETS or Austria for GTS are for free - sign of honest vendor). But maybe you're right, maybe it would work fine... I don't know.

    About tools: Yes, yes, I know you can do lots of things in Maya or ZM, but not things what I want. I can create visual part of new prefab, but I can't create nodes, AI traffic paths, I can't place traffic lights where I want etc. So I'm speaking about this kind of utility. ;-)

  21. Stuff like AI traffic paths editor should be in game, like map editor..

    i know major bugs in Convoy,Haulin and ALH that is caused by bad AI traffic paths

    You have a point there.

  22. >For animations use 3D Maya..
    You can also use Zmodeler, 3ds Max or other programs...

    It's possible only in games previous to Convoy(Across America, PTTM etc). In games after Convoy you can edit only mesh, not animation. If you dont believe me, try to move steering wheel from any Haulin' interior in any direction or change steering wheel model. Correct animaton work impossible without editing .pma in HexWorkshop with Lexan's structure,(btw it's wery difficult). Same situation with prefabs - you can edit traffic ways only in HW, but you can remap mesh...

    >give to you for only game price?... thats just to much...

    Wait,wait, wait...sorry if i wrote wrong, but i don't say anything about celling this tols with game. I want say, what if SCS will cell this tools separately from their games they can make some money. Of course, if price on this tools will be not so high and this tools will support different game types (Haulin', ETS, GTS, ET2).

    >I don't think that SCS have there own build programs to make game models or prefabs...

    Maybe you're right, but i give 95% what they have their own plugins for creating new stuff and this plugins have only SCS developers and no other.

    Finally..about DLC's...look at the something portals like truckpol or playtruck or something can find practically everything what you want for all games - trucks, trailers, maps and other stuff...and all this why buy DLC if you can download free stuff for your game ? Or create your own...ability to create your own mods for SCS games is awesome and i (and many oher peoples) really thankfull developers for why SCS don't give some more abilities in modding area ? We really need this...

    P.S. sorry if you dont understand any english isn't good ;)

  23. @CDMC: About traffic paths and thing like this: Sure it would be the best solution to make them customizable right in editor. :-)

  24. Okay..
    So far i see that if SCS makes there future games easy to mod - animations, full map editing...that is AI paths and all other stuff...
    Its going to have many people who will buy it, download new mods or create there own. Simple!
    (as example look at open source game Rigs Of Rods)

    I bet that SCS have plugins for Maya 3D or other 3D modeling program they are using..

    I saw how one guy edited ETS animations and they worked how they should be in game... i don't really know how he did it because i'm not very in to working with 3D modeling applications...

    the point is, that everything is possible!

    You see if its impossible to edit animations how SCS do it? ;]

    At this point we just don't know everything, how to easily edit animations, ai paths and some other stuff.

    PS. I understand what you mean and your English is not that bad

  25. I agree with you guys, it'd be awesome to have more freedom in editing the SCS games because it can extend a game's lifetime if there are tons of mods for it. I still play Haulin' for example and this is one of the reasons why I still do so (the other reason is that SCS hasn't made a new North American truck simulator since then, except ALH, but that's just a small expansion of Haulin').
    I love creating maps in SCS games, but not being able to create new prefabs is a very serious pain in the neck, this is one of the things why I couldn't make a North American map for GTS.


    Polish Gts truck simulator realistic way and map Please watch the video.

    Scssoftware un realistic map und road..

  27. very, very nice map but scs don't have money to build maps like that, just not now.

  28. We are working hard on a new site that deals with your games (Euro Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2, Truck Simulator German, UK Truck Simulator 18 WoS: ET, 18 WoS: ET 2, 18 WoS: ALH). Tons of information, hundreds of downloads and an integrated forum for thousands of people with all sorts of issues surrounding these games, which will be happy to assist you. We want to create a large community of people from the Czech Republic about your truck games!


  29. Pesso que voces façam o extreme truck 2 no estilo das versoes anteriores,onde podiamos andar livremente por toda a america.


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