Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mod contest for Polish fans

Our Polish publishing partner is launching an interesting experiment - mod creators are invited to take part in a competition, with a chance to win prizes and to earn recognition and perhaps a bit of fame. Entries are accepted for all of SCS Software's recent truck sim games. The prizes will include game posters signed by the development team here at SCS Software.

We'll be happy to bring the winners to the spotlight on our blog once the competition results are announced.

You can find out more about the competition on FonoGAME website.


  1. Put winner's mod in ETS2! :D

  2. great idea think that we should get more of those in other countries like in Germany(we have big fans here also of SCSoftware games!))

  3. Czech game , next truck Czech Republic Truck Simulator , please ! :-) ( prosíme :)) )

  4. Although it would be lovely, our market is surely not big enough to make Czech Truck Simulator. ;-)

    Back to topic: that competition is a good idea, but I like first comment... it sounds great! Probably it should be another contest with different rules, but something in that style - it could be popular! You probably know that GCS is preparing development of Stalker 2 in these days, and they made own competition: best fan-made scenario will be inculded in game as mission. I think it's a great idea - and great promotion. Maybe mod and/or idea contest for ETS2 should work...

  5. All good and sweet but how will author prove that parts used for mods are from him and not stolen? :)
    but good idea if world would be honest and fair

  6. good point about the stolen things... the mod should be created 100% by the author

  7. The idea is good, but sadly the world we are living in, is full of smartasses.

    I suggest that you think on a good way of controling all the entries, or else all the kids, and retarded adults, will start submiting stolen mods just to try get that "fame" you talk about.

    You could also ask for ideas or rules in forums like Truckpol, where they use to be very serious about models stealing. Lots of modders put hard work on their trucks and trailers, and then someone comes, modifies it a bit and claim is its own. Thanks to all these bastards, some moders even stopped sharing their mods, or just given up and stopped modding.

    So, this being said, I hope this ends up being a fair contest where only those who deserve it win.

  8. the competition regules say that if you send the mod to organizers you declare that you are the author of the mod, so if you cheat you can get in problems

  9. how can i understand the "for polish fans"... are only entries from poland accepted?

  10. @ mINOTHAUR
    yea all nice and good with this last sentence but how they will check authority? :)

  11. I'm so tired of modders beeing paranoid about their "authority". Yes, we all respect your work, and the desire for credit, but your insanity is the reason so many mods can't be found anymore because the author could not be identified. Or the author can't speak english or wants it to be available only in his friends site, writen in a who-knows-what language. Noone needs any more sterile mod forums with a dozen "authorized" mods while there are hundrends created but banned. So many years we see appclications, game engines even Operating systems shared free to use, mod whatever and you are making such a big fuss for an effin mod. Look at yourselves : you just ruin the blog and make disadvertize the effort of the company that makes the game you mod!! Learn to share people..


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