Saturday, May 7, 2011

State of translations - what a difference a week makes

Last week at this moment, some 200 people were hard at work translating Trucks & Trailers. Today, only a few of the most loyal are still trying to polish the translations. Several languages are still unfinished, or almost but not quite complete, and we are still hoping for the final push. Please stay with us, as we are closer to the finish line, now is the time to help to tidy the translations up. We appreciate your support and help very much.

It has been indeed a very interesting experiment, and I hope many of you are enjoying it. We have witnessed (even if not always completely understood) very active discussions in some language groups, like for example in German or Russian, and it seems that those guys really are trying very hard to make their translations superb quality. We have witnessed (and not understood at all) some controversy (like fighting groups in split Turkish translations), but we hope that in the end the results will be worth it.

We may still need to pass the results through professional proofreaders, the quality and especially the consistency may not be 100%, but our overall impression is very positive. Consider that the community is giving itself a major gift. Even if the translations end up not being perfect, when did you last play a game on day of release localized into Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian or Norwegian Bokmål as well as Nynorsk? T&T may be quite unique in this regard. And yes, you may be helping us in the selfish capitalist goal of making as much money as possible though sales to people who wouldn't understand the game otherwise. But the way we work, with everything being reinvested straight into future vehicle simulators, you are actually investing your sweat equity into helping us make our future games better, complete them sooner, and make them understandable to more people. THANK YOU!


  1. You are most welcome! Thank you!

  2. Great job community ! So much achieved ! Congrats SCS for putting this together. Can't wait now for the release !

  3. I am very happy! I too have contributed enough to translate into Italian language. I hope that some good! good job at all. Sanjin

  4. Mmm... Yet again no proper acceleration lane at the parking... Please make this realistic SCS. As well as the normal exits. Not juts 3 lanes where the right lane changes into exit lane en comes back later as a normal lane... That's so unrealistic!

  5. And why do all countrys have the same road marks..? Don't tell me you guys can't change that...

  6. Happy to help. And must say that staying away for a day or two and coming back gives a nice, fresh view of the translation too. Plus others pick up odd wording or phrasing, making it better, so it has been fun, I think.

    Technical terms, though, ugh, what a nightmare, since not all exist in Swedish or are not established, heh...

    Those pictures there look mighty good, but as stated above, exit lanes would save sanity (well, at least in ETS2, not in T&T where you won't ever "hit the road") and the game ever better still. (c:

  7. good first come to congratulate all the team's scs .. congratulations you deserve ... come to ask a question the game T and T is a set of maneuvers are or can be played free-form style of the German Truck Simulator? grateful, I await the response

  8. Some of the guys above pointed out a very important part - THE REALISM OF ACCELERATION AND EXIT LANES - indeed it would be by far more realistic to have proper accelaration lane at parkings and also, realistic acceleration lanes and not the "cheap" solution of the right lane exiting and then coming back. I am sure that this won't be a problem for you guys at SCS to add nice and realistic acceleration and exit lanes! Great progress, wonderful screenshots! Thanks for your hard work!

  9. SCS please respond to this question ->

    Will trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2 have retarders or the lame 'motor brake' will stay?

    A simple yes or no will do! Please

  10. Can't keep my eyes on the ammount of vegetation, finally we will drive through non-flat and bald landscapes, awesome.

    SCS I also think u give yourself a hardtime too.

    For instance something I can judge on is why making difference in DUTCH for NL and BE. The written language is the same, only dialects are different, but since this game will b in standard formal dutch dont make the difference between them and just use the NL one (it has capital letters so therefore better finished.)

    Maybe you did this with a lot of languages where the difference in standard official language is very very minimal and neglectable...

    ps: I m belgian myself

  11. CHANGE EXITS, very unrealistic like that...

    I dont bother about the white lines, I will mod them myself and release texture pack for it if scs is too lazy to fix that, we have been asking that for years now...

    Rest of picture looks very nice+ good job to all people who translated

  12. Sooo beautifull! Sooo nice vegetation and landscape! Please make the realistic exits!

  13. How is RnR better? Please explain it to us, so we could make suggestions on how to improve this one, too. Not to mention this is a Trucks&Trailers discussion, not ETS. Thank you.

  14. ovidiu, you're wrong. Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Trucks & Trailers is Better! 100%

  15. Rig 'n' Roll??? Are you insane? That's an arcade piece of sh*t, so to speak... You must be menthally ill to adore that crap against ETS...

  16. RNR racing game RNR disappointment for me

    ETS 2 better game!

  17. Nice screens. The translation project looks fine.


  18. Great pictures. An acceleration lane is an option, buy you guys don't have to do it. You don't have to those idiotic comments critizing your work, as the screenshots are very beautiful, even better than before.

    Great work, I appreciate it. Keep it up!!!!!!

  19. Very nice pictures, but please, make also a female driver. I am a woman truck driver, and for me and other girls it would be nice.

  20. [OT]
    SCS, when you finish the dash of the Actros, can you zoom in on the instrument panel with gauges, just like you did with Volvo?

  21. I totally agree with the lady trucker from above.

  22. I totally agree with :


    and where are the restrooms?

    nice pictures!

  23. The cargo seems so much more detailed!
    I see the XC from GTS, so I will have to send my hard worked mod including it to the trash! :((

  24. Hi SCS! Thanks for the update.

    I know I've mentioned this a few times before, but for realism sake, could you please remove or change the unrealistic yellow destination signs? I dont see them fitting in simulation game. They are very arcade. Some realistic marking (non-glowing) on ground would be much better.

    At least give us simulation gamers an option to remove them during the mission, because they kill the immersion of driving the truck for real, instead they make you feel like you are playing a game.


  25. Osmo: But I always thought that Trucks & Trailers actually IS skill/arcade game. ;-)

  26. Amazing screenshots. Thank you very much and keep up the outstanding work SCS Software team.
    My thank you also goes to hard working community translators.

  27. I'm assuming this is what those laybys in ETS2 are gonna look like. If so they look great (apart from the exit lanes, but they have already been mentioned a hundred time ;) )
    I just wondered whether it would be possible, for other trucks to pull of the motorway as well. And those that are parked up sometimes, reverse out and drive off? Now that would be cool. And that could be the same for petrol stations as well, and they could fill up as well.
    Also, on petrol stations PLEASE let us deliver to petrol stations!! PLEASE let us park up on weekedns and drive to a house in a car!! PLEASE...

  28. Regarding female driver, which I also want:


  29. really nice,but...
    where are the shadows of the trees etc on the truck&trailer???You gotta work on it more!

  30. and btw about the languages:
    for greek one(my mother tongue),the translation is almost perfect,the only problem is that some marks are missing(example,Καλημέρα is written without the mark above the ''ε'',and this is wrong.without this mark u can't spell the word correct!)
    Hope you understood and u read this comment.
    keep up the good work,scs..and if you publish this game in greece i will be so happy as a lot of other guys..even my dad wants ;P

  31. Do you like Scanias? I do.
    will you put 6x4 or 8x4 trucks?

  32. I am proud to help in this translation it was my English is not perfect but I'm doing very darling and knowing that other people in my country or my country's neighbors to understand and play at 100% this new work by SCS and thanks for this oportinidad for letting me be part of the great team of SCS Software. I took the boldness to make a slogan for us and well designed,
    ! By being small we do not stop making great games! ..... THANKS

  33. Here in finland we have been very satisfied for this opportunity to translate the game.
    It's a good idea to let us do the translations, specially those that have some truck related words. 'Cause I don't trust that professional translators would know the words that real truckers use about things.
    Finnish language has little of debate about translations on that translation page, 'cause almost everyone who is making those translations can be found from the same IRC-channel =D


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