Monday, August 28, 2017

An exciting week for SCS Software

This post is quite special for us. It's the first post written from our new office - the new place from where our company will work, from where our teams of designers will create new content for our games, our programmers will code and bring new features to life, from where anything related to SCS Software will happen.

While we were very happy at our previous office in the center of Prague, it wouldn't work for us anymore. It has become urgent for us already to move on, to be able to keep on growing our current team so that we can increase the pace of progress on our games.

Moving a company is no easy task, but we managed it over the weekend, and the design and programming teams are already back at work as of Monday afternoon.

In the mean time, a sizable part of the company, our 'On The Road' crew, was facing a very different challenge. Last week, there were two important events taking place at different locations, and we wanted to be at both places at the same time!

At the beginning of this year, we made a commitment to come closer to our fans at public events, both game industry expos and transportation industry shows. Our "sim trailer" was born to travel the world, but now we would need it at two locations.

We decided to split up and formed two groups. One party headed to Gamescom 2017, the biggest games industry show of Europe, taking place in Cologne, Germany. This larger crew could enjoy the advantage and comfort of having our sim trailer with us there. The other team set off to the FIA ETRC racing event at the Hungaroring, having to deal with somewhat more improvised set up with a spare motion seat sitting inside a regular container box.  Both teams have come back quite exhausted (the weather was really hot in central Europe last week), but they report that they've had really fantastic time and met a lot of awesome people at these events, participating in a lot of inspiring discussions.

Both teams also experienced something unique and special. At Gamescom, thanks to the FIA ETRC organizers and Team Lenz, we had one of the racing trucks parked just next to our special trailer. Any visitor was able to hop in, take a picture and feel like a race truck driver for a moment. The roar of its engine can really shock some people! At the Hungaroring racing event, we've been allowed to participate in the festive & honor ride through the city of Budapest, which was a really cool experience.

If you are following our Twitter and Instagram profiles, you were able to see a ton of our posts and tweets with photos from both events. Our work on the games has not stopped of course, and very soon we'll be returning to regular programming to show you cool new stuff coming to American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. We consider our trips to show our games to the world at large very important, and we honestly enjoy meeting our fantastic fans, and introducing our game to the fans of trucks in general. It makes us feel proud of our achievements and eager for more.

SCS Software's 'On the Road' crew will recharge their batteries and get on the way again, as the next round of European Truck Racing Championship is almost here. The next race takes place in the city of Most, Czech Republic, the homeland of our company! Great attendance is expected, and we hope that a lot of fans of our games will show up, too. If you live within reasonable driving distance, we'd like to invite you to see us at Most race circuit during the weekend of September 2-3. Come to try out our motion seat simulators, talk to the developers on the team, and enjoy the truck race!

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