Wednesday, August 2, 2017

SCS On The Road: Gamescom and Hungaroring!

Why do we bother? We have heard from some of you; questioning our effort to actively promote our games and SCS Software at public events. With so much work ahead of us to improve the games, why lose time and money traveling to distant places? Everybody should sit at their computer and work round the clock on the software, shouldn't they?

There are in fact multiple reasons for us to try to be more visible. It is of course very important for game companies to be in touch with their fan base. With our "sim container," we are going to have an easy time visiting various game expos - just drive the truck to the location, and deploy it with a single push of a button (or so the theory goes). There will be ample opportunities for you to meet us. It's really not just about us doing PR to push our games to the crowd, it is more about meeting our passionate fans and hearing their opinions and suggestions.

But there is more - we also plan to attend the various transportation industry events, to raise our profile within the industry. Our games would definitely benefit if we can improve our ties to the industry in general. The quality of our work would go up with input and feedback from the companies and the pros. We also hope that the situation with brand licenses may improve with better visibility to transportation industry senior managers. As you are aware, it's not going all so smoothly in this regard.

We trust that you can view our activity with the sim container though this optics - it's not delaying the work of the core teams working on the games. On the contrary, it should be providing them with feedback and inspiration, and hopefully also with networking leads and contacts to improve our business relations.

Let us look back a little bit to the most recent event when our small 'On The Road' crew has visited the FIA ETRC racing event at Slovakia Ring. We are still in the learning phase, the trailer with the 4D motion seats was in fact not yet fully completed, but it was such an exciting time, both for us and the visitors! Maybe you have followed us in real time on our Twitter or Instagram profiles, here is a gallery of photos we've taken during this field trip.

Thanks to the FIA ETRC organizers, we had a really great location in the Fan Village at this event and we enjoyed every moment of our time there. We've been having crowds of people interested in our games and simulation seats for the whole weekend - there were lines since early morning till the evening hours and it was simply amazing!

It was the first event where we used this new pet of ours - a refurbished shipping container converted into a fantastic demo trailer. While it wasn't in its supposed final look - in fact, we still had to put some work into it after its arrival - it served our purpose very well and it also has got lots of interest from the visitors.

We have committed to participate in the upcoming rounds of the FIA ETRC championship too! Here is the calendar of races. Next stop is at the famous Hungaroring from the 26th to 27th of August.

However, there is a bit of a collision in the calendar, as the world famous Gamescom is happening from 22nd to 26th of August in Cologne, Germany. We know that there will be fans of our games at both places!

We have to split to attend both! And indeed this is the plan! One team and one motion seat will be set on the road to Hungary, while the big sim trailer and an even larger team will be going to Gamescom. We have a nice place reserved for us just next to Hall 8, so this year we'll be there for you as an exhibitor with the full parade. You can look forward to trying our games on high-tech 4D motion seats and getting some fresh info about our projects. It's a chance to grab some stickers, have a chat with members of the development team, take a picture with our crew, or maybe get a piece of our SCS merch? Plus one big surprise which we're trying to prepare for you and which we don't want to spoil yet.

There is only one question remaining: are we going to meet at Hungaroring or at Gamescom?

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