Friday, August 18, 2017

DAF Tuning Pack

As we are touring the various truck fests and transportation industry shows, we are gathering a wealth of material as inspiration for aftermarket tuning options for various trucks. We would like to reflect this real world phenomenon in our games, as we believe that it is also close to the heart of many players.

You have probably noticed that with Update 1.28 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 we have refreshed our  DAF XF 105 and DAF XF Euro 6 in-game models, adding an extra layer of polish to them.

Now we are ready to bring even more joy for the fans of DAF trucks - we are releasing a new content module for Euro Truck Simulator 2 - DAF Tuning Pack DLC, to Steam Store today. There are over 70 new customization options included in this pack, going from the bottom to the top of your truck.

Time to start to thinking which parts you'll tune up first! Mud flaps, hub covers, side-skirts, lower grille guards, bull bars, front masks, logos, stone-guards, windshield frames, sun-shields, front fenders, door trims, window trims, door handles, special rear exhausts... And that's not all, because the cabin interior got some special attention too! You'll be able to customize the view from your DAFs with some new toys like window curtain, caps, cups, emblems or light boards!

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