Friday, October 25, 2019

Utah: Salt Lake City

A drive through Utah isn't all rocks and desert, driving north of the state you will come across the more populated towns and cities including the bustling metropolis Salt Lake City, which serves as a major hub for industries, businesses, and transport.

Utah's capital city is a crucial point in the state's road infrastructure, as it connects the I-15 & I-80 interstates right next to the city's downtown area. As many of you will drive on these routes, we recommend slowing down just a little to catch a glimpse of the beautiful skyline of the city.

Like many U.S cities, Salt Lake was constructed on a grid system, which creates these beautiful long streets allowing drivers to see right into the heart of the city and beyond. From towering office buildings to the religious Salt Lake City Temple, you will find the city to be very much alive and bustling with traffic.

On your travels, you will also find many different and maybe surprising locations surrounding the city. From water parks to the great salt lakes that gave the capital its name. Be sure to add Utah for American Truck Simulator to your Steam Wishlist to be the first to visit:

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