Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Utah: You Are Welcome

Before the luxury of GPS navigation, making a journey across multiple states was tough work. Opening large paper maps, trying to pinpoint your location and looking for landmarks often made a driver's job very frustrating. However, there was one thing that kept truckers in the know of their location, The Welcome Sign.

Famously found on state borders (and also on Instagram), it is a sure sign that you are entering a new province. Each one decorated with their own unique artwork which often depicts famous landmarks or national parks, and the state's slogan. 

However, in some US States, these signs are often found as you enter a new town. Appearing in all different shapes and sizes, they are often designed around the cities slogan and surroundings. They also feature landmarks unique to the town, such as universities and museums.

So you can be sure wherever your journey leads you, Utah and its signs welcome you and the millions of travelers that pass by them every year. Want to visit Utah early? Join us for our stream which will be broadcasted LIVE on Twitch and Steam with SCS team members, Alex (LondonLad), Mrazik and Raven from 15:00 UTC (17:00 CEST) who will be talking about the development and design of Utah.

Don't miss out on visiting this brand new state in American Truck Simulator, add Utah to your wishlist!

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