Tuesday, January 14, 2020

2020: Looking Forward

It's the beginning of a new and exciting year for SCS Software. We decided to end 2019 with a bang during our Christmas stream, with our surprise announcement of our next map expansion for both of our trucking titles. We also shared information on what you can expect to see arriving in the next update, which we will briefly recap some of the main points here.

Idaho known for its mountainous landscape, rivers and it's world famous potatoes will be the next U.S state to be released for American Truck Simulator. Be sure to check out the Steam store page, with exclusive images.

It's time to head south to warmer climates to the Iberian Peninsula! The next map expansion to arrive for Euro Truck Simulator 2, will feature coastline roads, major cities and beautiful countryside. Don't forget to add it to your Steam Wishlist, it really helps us.

Although these two map expansions have been announced sooner than previous DLC's, this does not indicate they will be released at an earlier time. This is because our main focus for the first half of the year will be spent working with the technical side of our truck sims. In our next planned 1.37 update, we will be changing the way you hear, as we introduce a new sound engine, FMOD. This will allow for the inclusion of more realistic environment sounds (such as nature, city traffic and trains), as-well as an improvement to how your truck sounds on different roads.

Thereafter, update 1.38 will bring new graphical updates to our trucking titles. A re-work of lighting, assets and more are being worked on to make sure the beauty of our game can really shine this year. All of these new changes are thanks to the introduction of DirectX 11. You can find a more detailed wrap-up of all the communities hottest questions for what the future holds!

However, these aren't the only projects on our pipeline! Our teams are currently working hard on creating several new trucks that we'd like to release in the future, as well as tuning packs for existing ones. World of Trucks events are also in the planning stages for this year, with lots of exciting ideas on the table, we hope to bring the community together for more exciting scenarios and rewards.

With all of this exciting content to arrive this year, please keep in mind the size of some these projects, which may take longer than one might expect, as our teams work with new tools and technology. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for more news on these exciting updates in the future. We thank you for all your support, and we can't wait to show you more.

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