Thursday, January 16, 2020

Christmas Event Wrap Up

Just like that, the Christmas Grand Giving event has ended, where did the time go? With drivers from across the world participating in both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, we have seen communities unite to deliver gifts and earn stars for cities across the trucking universe.

With brightly-decorated Christmas gift trailers and festive painted trucks, you set out on December 17th to deliver Christmas cargo and hit milestones with the help of our city star tracker in-game and on In less than 48 hours, you reached the first milestone of 200 stars (200,000 deliveries) and the first community reward!

It was clear from that time onwards that our #BestCommunityEver was set on working hard over the festive season, earning stars across the map. By December 28th, you had earned 1000 stars (1,000,000 deliveries), reaching a special community reward milestone! We couldn't have been more impressed with the amount of deliveries completed and how drivers came together to help cities with fewer stars reach their maximum potential.

You also flooded our social media channels with many pictures & videos, with hundreds upon hundreds of posts on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #XmasGrandGiving. It was great to see truckers from all around the world participate in this event. Thank you to everyone who shared their delivery progress with us!

To those who went the extra mile to earn stars for cities, your work has not gone unnoticed. Thanks to your dedication, anyone who delivered 13+ deliveries will be given one of the final rewards, The Diamond Star; those who went all-out and doubled their delivery count (24+) will be gifted the Diamond and the final Grand Star!

To every driver who took to the roads and delivered gifts in this event, thank you! It brings a lot of joy to our team to know how much you enjoy these events, and we hope to bring more of them to you in the future. Until next Christmas!

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