Thursday, November 19, 2020

Colorado: Community Showcase

With the recent release of Colorado for American Truck Simulator, our social media channels have been filled to the brim with photos & videos from your first journey in this new state. We love looking through them during the workday and we even share them with each other across our internal channels. It really does bring a lot of positivity among our colleagues as we love seeing drivers getting creative and sharing some really beautiful photos and videos! 

We'd love to share just a handful of content from you, our #BestCommunityEver with you here! But you can watch a lot more or find your favorite creator here. You can also continue to send us your screenshots and videos from Colorado on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CruisingColorado.

However, Colorado hasn't just gotten attention in the form of community-created content, but also from official press coverage, such as these fantastic review articles from Saving Content and PCInvasion. We highly recommended giving them a read if you are still unsure if Colorado is worth the trip in American Truck Simulator. 

We have also received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews on our Steam Page. To everyone who takes the time to write reviews and give constructive criticism about Colorado, thank you! Here are just a few of our favourites! If you would like to leave a review, be sure to do so at the Colorado Steam Store Page.

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