Monday, November 23, 2020

#CruisingColorado Event Update

It took our #BestCommunityEver only 7 days to drive 60,000,000 miles in the currently ongoing #CruisingColorado World of Trucks event to pass the community goal. We are left speechless once again. Actually, you guys and gals have reached it so quickly we might even ask you to show us your cabin logbooks to check if you have had your regular driving breaks?! 

Don't worry, we're just joking here. But it's always cool and motivating to see how fast and easily our fanbase can smash the "quests" we set for them. And how many of you are always ready to immediately join the events we create for you. We also love seeing all your tweets and posts under the #CruisingColorado hashtag over at any social media challenge we monitor. Want some number? Well, so far there have been posted more than 1100 tweets on Twitter and 280 posts on Instagram! 

According to the reactions and feedback upon the rewards which can be claimed in this event, for both personal and community goals, we guess you really like the new paint job and hanging cabin accessory. Don't forget to share how it fits your favorite truck! 

Even though we tried to explain it in our previous blog posts and communication over at our social media channels, we still have received some questions about the date till when this event is going to be kept active, or requests to not end this event even while the community goal is already reached. So please let us say it again here - you do not need to worry, because we will keep the event running until well after Christmas, so there will be plenty of time to relax and enjoy the ride while earning your rewards.

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