Thursday, November 12, 2020

Colorado Release

The big day is here! Preparations to release Colorado for American Truck Simulator is in top gear. We are also preparing for a special release stream with special guests. So when exactly is Colorado releasing?

Colorado for American Truck Simulator has been released!

So what exactly does our Colorado DLC have to offer for truckers? These are just a few of the things we think you will love! 
  • Drive from the great plains, through the Rocky Mountains to bustling cities and historical towns.
  • Haul cargo on the Million Dollar Highway
  • Discover Colorado's important industries like wind power factories or gold mines
  • Deliver freight to and from the inside of a large cargo aircraft in Denver International Airport
  • Admire representation of cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, and many others
  • Visit landmarks like the Four Corners Monument and get a bird's-eye view of it with the viewpoint feature
  • Unlock Colorado-specific Steam achievements
  • And much more!

And that shouldn't be the only reason to explore Colorado for yourself! As an added bonus we will also have a World of Trucks event for all new visitors to Colorado with unique rewards to be earned as you visit each city and deliver jobs. Learn more about the rules in yesterday's blog post and take part in #CruisingColorado at We'd love to see your photos across our Social Media channels using the hashtag!

We expect to have this event available to players for an extended period of time, probably way beyond the point of reaching the 60 million miles which is the current community goal. We don't want to motivate you to rush through the DLC in a hurry to make sure you manage to obtain the personal achievement. We simply want to reward early adopters of the DLC for spending quality time with the new content.

We will also be hosting a special Colorado release live-stream across official Steam & Twitch channels starting at 16:00 CET. Don't miss out on this broadcast as we talk with members of the map and research teams involved in the creation of Colorado and a special guest appearance from Pavel Šebor CEO of SCS Software! We will be answering questions from the community, talking in-depth about the DLC, and of course, releasing Colorado LIVE on stream!

We hope you enjoy exploring what Colorado has to offer, we will see you on the roads!

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