Friday, June 4, 2021

Texas - Landmarks and Prefabs

Howdy, truckers! We don't talk very often about Texas DLC on our blog, as there is still a ton of work ahead of us to start hyping it too much. But we have assembled the largest team ever to work on an ATS DLC for this project, and they keep producing great stuff. Today we are delighted to share some of the landmarks and prefabs that you will eventually be able to spot while on the road in this massive state. Get your cowboy hats ready and let's jump right into it!

What comes to people's minds when you ask them to imagine driving through Texas? For many, it's the oil wells and oil processing facilities. The state is the leading oil producer in the USA; the new map expansion would not feel complete if we did not focus on oil processing and related transport when portraying it. Your future journeys may frequently bring you to various functional areas such as oil wells and oil service depots. In addition to the fractionation method we previously introduced in Idaho, Texas will also be using oil extraction by pressure. The service depots will be the source of oil well mechanical parts, which are a must-have since there are about 180,000 oil wells in Texas.

Apart from oil industry-related areas, there will also be an introduction of the first glass plant. Our inspiration is a state-of-the-art facility that boasts the latest inventions that redefine glass processing and prevent excessive pollution. You may also find it interesting to deliver to a warehouse used for transferring cargo between Mexico and the USA.

Texas is home to a great deal of charming architecture and there are many interesting structures that you will be able to spot while on your deliveries. Some of the structures have major historical importance, for example The Herring Hotel, which is the only one still standing of the three oil-boom era hotels built in the 1920s, or perhaps "A Tribute to Courage", a monument that is a statue of Sam Houston - army general and the first president of Texas. 

These are of course just a few examples. There will also be a number of well-known courthouses, apartment buildings, arenas, university, a medieval castle (although not really an actual castle!) and... what’s that? Did you think we could forget about the legendary Texas Capitol? Never! You will definitely be able to see this landmark in the game as well.

We hope you have enjoyed an early look at what is coming in the upcoming Texas DLC. Trust us, there will be much more to show you in the future. If you cannot wait to pass by some of these buildings or feel the atmosphere of the ever-growing industry, don’t forget to add the expansion to your Steam Wishlist and stay in touch with all the upcoming news.

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