Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Wyoming - Devils Tower

If you’ve seen the title and now you are terrified that instead of delivering the usual goods, you’re now going to become the ferryman Charon himself, transporting souls by the river Styx, or perhaps that this is going to be some sort of spooky horror blog post, then have no fear, we are going to talk about a major landmark of Wyoming instead! You have seen many legendary places during your driving adventures, but the opportunity to witness the Devils Tower in the distance while you are sitting behind the wheel is a chance unlike any other. And it looks breathtaking in all situations, no matter the hour or weather, right?

Devils Tower is a famous butte with hundreds of vertical cracks and a total height of 5,112 ft (1,558 m), which makes it an extremely distinctive feature in the area full of prairies. The name’s origin can be traced all the way back to the year 1875 and the expedition led by Colonel Richard Irving Dodge (not to be mistaken with Doge). The name "Devils Tower" was reportedly a misinterpretation of a native title "Bad God’s Tower", which does not really sound that bad but still has a quite dangerous ring to it nonetheless. 

As much as it would’ve been entertaining to see the trucks climb up the mountain, the sight of this natural wonder is much better experienced by seeing the "bigger" picture with everything around; therefore the closest possible point will be the visitor’s center and in front of the gate at the entrance to the park. But do not weep, because there will be a nearby farm and an interactive viewpoint below the tower, in which the most attentive may find something very interesting.

They say that picture is worth more than a thousand words. You'll be able to easily create similar shots with the upcoming 1.41 Update which brings the revisited in-game photo mode. And if you cannot wait to experience driving through Wyoming DLC, remember to add Wyoming to your Steam Wishlist and you can be one of the first to admire the Devils Tower and much more! And if you are still a little bit worried about the name, just remember, "the Devil went down to Georgia" some time ago anyway.

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