Thursday, June 24, 2021

Wyoming - Road Network #2

Just like great movies always deserve a sequel, content updates with a large amount of beautiful screenshots deserve a second part as well. That is why today we are bringing to you a second collection of images from the upcoming Wyoming DLC and its road network. The feedback for the first set of pictures involved a lot of praise (such as - great, nice, wonderful, superb and... crazy) so we’ll see how this one will fare.

In the previous post we mentioned the fact that Wyoming will certainly have no shortage of colorful bridges, that’s why it is only fair to give a mention to a particularly unique style here. And no, this isn’t a quick trip over to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, these are just expertly-crafted multi-level bridge bases that you can directly pass by while driving on the road in this brand new map expansion. Don’t worry, if "stairs" are not your thing, we’ve thrown some of the more usual bridge constructions into the mix.

One of the signs of fresh things coming your way are also, well... signs! The roads are always changing, they expand and evolve, and their companions made of metal (usually) have to keep up with this trend. 

And last but not least, we have more images of gantries to share. These are traffic signs assemblies in which signs are mounted on and they are usually built on high traffic roads with several lanes, in order to avoid drivers having difficulties seeing the signals/signs at the side of the route.

We hope you have enjoyed the additional peek at the road network in the upcoming Wyoming DLC and if you cannot wait to experience all the new additions on your own, add the expansion to your Steam Wishlist and you’ll always stay in touch with the latest news!

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