Friday, November 25, 2022

A Trip Down the Memory Lane

Phew, how time flies! It feels like yesterday when we were celebrating two decades of SCS Software and now here we are five years later acknowledging an interesting number once again. The year 2022 marks 25 years since our company began its existence in the video game industry!

On this occasion this past Monday, we hosted a big party for all our developers and a limited number of guests in one of the most modern clubs in Prague – EPIC Prague – where we had a lot of fun, brought back some nostalgia, prepared surprises for everyone, enjoyed a lovely birthday cake, and more! All this while having a good time together celebrating this amazing anniversary.

To remind ourselves of the stretch of the road that has brought us to where SCS Software is now in 2022, we have created a little documentary video for the team. While it was originally intended only for internal use, we have realized that all dedicated fans in the #BestCommunityEver may appreciate getting a glimpse of the memories of some important moments in the history of our company. But, who knows, you all might learn something about us that you didn’t know if you give the video a try!

We’d like to thank you all for your incredible and continuous support and we hope you’ll stay entertained with all the cool stuff ahead. We wouldn't be here without you all! It’s been an awesome ride so far, so, here’s to 25 more years. We’ll see you all on the road!

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