Sunday, October 29, 2023

1.49 Update - Used Truck Dealers

Among other changes coming for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator in the 1.49 update, there will be a fairly big feature that will bring a few tweaks that are important to the immersion of the virtual trucking experience. Today, we’ll showcase the Used Truck Dealers!

Used Trucks will be available immediately in the main menu taking you to a selection of trucks that are more budget-friendly compared to brand new vehicles. However, these used trucks come with some mileage and wear, which is indicated by their star rating and a separate window that provides a detailed breakdown of the damage to various parts.

This feature provides an excellent opportunity for players to own a truck without breaking the bank. It's particularly ideal for newcomers who want to hit the road without a hefty investment, while it also adds an extra layer of challenge for experienced players.

One of the most significant changes coming along with this feature is the enhanced damage and repair system. In the past, individual parts would accumulate damage, represented as a percentage, and you could repair them. However, with the 1.49 update, parts will be categorized into three types of damage:

Damage: This type of damage can be fixed by standard repairs, just as before.

Parts Wear: For components showing wear and tear, you'll need to replace them.

Permanent Wear: Parts with permanent wear can only be restored by Total Restoration of the entire vehicle. This is a more expensive procedure, but it's the only way to bring your truck and trailer back to pristine condition.

With the improved damage system comes enhanced control over vehicle maintenance. You can now make informed choices about which parts to repair or replace based on your judgment. Alternatively, you have the option to seek professional advice for the best repair strategy for your truck or trailer.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this new feature and provide us with your feedback. For more information regarding when this update will be available make sure to give our social media a follow (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) and stay in touch with all the latest news.

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