Friday, October 27, 2023

Kansas - Agriculture

The agriculture industry in the US state of Kansas is a big deal! All year round, farmers grow a multitude of different crops such as wheat, corn and soybeans, as well as raising livestock. In today's blog, we will explore how this important industry is represented in our upcoming Kansas DLC for American Truck Simulator. 

The Midwest is known for its bountiful and diverse agricultural production. Its fertile lands and waters provide ideal conditions for growing a range of different crops. Today, Kansas is the nation's leading wheat producer. There are several types of wheat which are grown, but the state is best known for its Hard Red Winter Wheat. Thanks to its high protein and gluten, it is ideal for use in the food industry, especially for bakeries. Did you have bread for breakfast today? There's a chance it was baked from Kansas Wheat! No wonder some often refer to Kansas as the "Breadbasket of the world". 

Of course, we couldn't go without recreating an accurate representation of this major industry in our upcoming DLC. In Kansas, drivers will be able to deliver to new farm depots which have been created using references of real farms found across the state. However that's not all!

Grain Elevators are another important element in the economy chain. With its unmistakable appearance and high height, it is one of the truly distinctive icons of the Kansas landscape. Our map teams have paid particular attention to the locations of these silos and placed them in positions where they can be found in real life.  

But what happens to all these crops once they are processed? They are taken to one of many processing plants of course! You have the opportunity to deliver to and from food production plants, which includes a new and accurate representation of the unloading areas.

From new names to familiar depots, there will be plenty of choices for drivers when it comes to delivering to and from agriculturlal industries. You'll still be able to find your favourite existing in-game brands and deliver much more than just grains. From farming equipment to livestock, you'll certainly have your work cut out for you! 

With many farming states in the pipeline, we aim to continue improving the experience of agriculture deliveries and already have a few ideas on the table! We look forward to sharing more news in the future. If you like what you've seen, then be sure to add Kansas for American Truck Simulator to your Steam Wishlist. Until them, keep on truckin'! 

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