Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Big in West Balkans

Special Transport meets West Balkans! You can look forward to hauling large cargos with your truck across Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as North Macedonia.

Embarking on a journey behind the wheel of a truck laden with colossal cargo is no small feat. The enormity of the task isn't just in the size of the vehicle; it's in the responsibility that comes with maneuvering such a colossal load through highways and byways. Driving a truck with especially large cargo is a skillful dance, a delicate balance between power and precision. Only the best truckers can take on these unique missions. Are you up for it?

The following special transport routes will be available:

Kragujevac to Novi Sad
Beograd to Kragujevac 
Koper to Novo Mesto
Zenica to Karakaj
Skopje to Bitola

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