Monday, January 29, 2024

Missouri - Meet the Team

Not so long ago, we announced a new DLC coming to American Truck Simulator, the Missouri map expansion. Now seems like the right time to present the heroes working hard to deliver the DLC to our #BestCommunityEver as soon as possible!

We trust you'll appreciate this showcase of the SCS map designers and DLC asset lead who are currently involved in the Missouri DLC and their brief messages to the #BestCommunityEver.


Immediately after the research was done, it was obvious that Missouri is an interesting state with many things to offer for our game. As a leader and recent visitor to Missouri, I'm keen to deliver a beautiful DLC full of foresty nature, hills, nice views, and interesting cities. We are finally near the Mississippi River which was always a big milestone for me. 

So far we are trying to come up with ideas on how to squeeze so much beauty into our scale and not omit anything important. I watch forum discussions pretty often to see what players expect and I try to find optimal solutions with others. We try our best, Missouri deserves it.


It's been three years since I started working at SCS Software as a map designer. Today, I'm facing the biggest challenge of my career. St. Louis, which is a really big city. However, I've grown to love it because I've been there in real life and I've seen everything I'm creating with my own eyes. What I enjoy most is the technical side of the work and the ability to go deep into the engine, get to its limits, and pass on the experience to new colleagues. I enjoy cities and truckstops the most because they are technically challenging tasks.


My journey in SCS Software began during the Colorado DLC, where I experimented with my first country roads and small cities. Since then, I've been a part of the Texas and Kansas map teams. I'm always seeking new challenges. Right after Amarillo, Corpus Christi, and some parts of Houston, it was Kansas City that I enjoyed the most so far. In the upcoming Missouri DLC, I'll be working on something unique in terms of custom depots which you can look forward to!


I have been working for the company for six years and every year the work gets more interesting. I worked on the Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, and Kansas DLCs where I focused more on cities and depots. In Missouri, I will be working on Springfield, where you can look forward to many interesting areas.


After Kansas, the Missouri DLC is my second project as a map designer in SCS. Although now I feel much more comfortable in the process of creating an interesting environment for the player, I am still trying to challenge myself and push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve. In Missouri, I really hope that I can capture the spirit of US-36 and the city of Saint Joseph, and bring you the hidden beauty of these inconspicuous places in a way that will do them the justice they deserve.


It's been a little over 4 years since I joined SCS as a map designer back in 2019. My main responsibility for Missouri is the city of Joplin and its surrounding roads. Outside of the map, I also focus on selecting generic models that would be best for our DLC, which are later created by our amazing 3D graphics team. What I enjoy creating the most are smaller cities and settlements as they usually have very unique architecture and atmosphere.


I am very keen on working on Missouri as it is almost contrastingly different from what I worked on before. To add to that, I will have to wrestle with making a city for the first time. so I am excited to see the result of that. I still look forward to working on interstates and highways, as that is what I think I'm most skilled at.


I am responsible for half of the custom depots for Missouri. I made some of them for Kansas and then for Nebraska but now I am working on several depots which were not announced yet. These new depots will bring new challenges and new experiences for players. That is the part that I love most about this job because creating challenging layouts makes me think about how will players react to everything that I prepared for them.


In Missouri, I'm looking forward to creating Cape Girardeau, an unmistakable city on the Mississippi River. I hope to translate the genius loci of the riverside town both in the more industrial areas as well as in the urban part of the city.


I celebrated 8 years in SCS this month. As a DLC asset lead, I have the opportunity to influence what awesome landmarks, industries, statues, murals, and other buildings will make it into the expansion. I'm responsible for the perfect condition of these 3D models like the St. Louis Gateway Arch, Jefferson Capitol, or Springfield Underground that you come across on your travels. I am most looking forward to the new opportunities that this state will allow us to bring into our game. I won't talk about specifics so I won't take the surprise away from you. Our team will do everything possible to deliver the DLC at least as good as the previous one.

We hope you've enjoyed meeting the team working on the Missouri expansion. Remember to follow us on our social media (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) so you won't miss out on any news coming in the future. If you are excited about Missouri, add it to your Steam Wishlist!

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