Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Missouri - St. Joseph

Welcome to St. Joseph, Missouri! Located just a stone's throw away from the state of Kansas, this charming city has a history dating back to the 19th century. Whilst this DLC is currently heavily under development, we wanted to share with you some very early previews from this upcoming U.S State for American Truck Simulator.

So please keep in mind, some of the screenshots you will see here feature areas that are still work in progress and contain some placeholders.

While this city may not look particularly too exciting at first glance, St. Joseph has a pretty famous history. One of the city's most iconic historical contributions was its pivotal role as the starting point for the Pony Express. In 1860, St. Joseph became the eastern terminus of this legendary mail delivery service, which provided a swift communication link between the eastern United States and the rapidly developing western frontier. The city's central location made it the ideal launching point for some of the most famous riders in the history of the American West. 

Today, industries are still very much at the heart of the city's core. Players looking for a nearby job contract will surely find some availability in the southern portion of the city. Here you will find Grain Elevators, a Large Food Factory, and a smaller Chemical Plant, which you will be able to deliver to and from. Those doing some window shopping for a new truck will also find a Kenworth Trucks dealer in the area too! 

In the Northern section of the city, you'll come across the downtown area, which features a variety of different historical buildings. Most notable are of course some of the old brick factories, houses, shops and warehouses which can still be found standing today. Here you will also find the Town Square, which features landmarks such as the “The Journey West” pilgrim statue, the Civic Arena building, and the signature Downtown Marker.

Those familiar with this area, knows of St. Joseph's proximity to the Missouri river, which travels alongside the city and acts as a State Line. One significant landmark players will be able to find along the river is the famous Swing Railway Bridge, which was opened in 1906. You'll also be able to travel on the I-229, a unique two storey Highway which runs alongside the river. 

Road & River is not the only transport around these parts however! You'll also find an extensive rail network across St. Joseph, which serves as an important link for cities across the State. Many industries both locally and beyond rely on this important transportation network to move products, parts and more across the US and beyond. 

There will be plenty more for you to discover on your journeys in St. Joseph and beyond. We hope you enjoyed this early showcase of this city, and look forward to visiting it yourself in American Truck Simulator in the future. If you did, be sure to add Missouri to your Steam Wishlist, as it really helps to support our future developments, including this one! Until next time, keep on truckin'.

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