Thursday, March 21, 2024

The Good Truck: A Truck Painted With Light

We are excited to join Renault Trucks in making automotive history with the reveal of the groundbreaking paint job design on their fully electric marvel, the Renault Trucks E-Tech T! This unique paint job will come to life for the first time ever on a truck with LumiLor technology - a cutting-edge method that allows layers of colour on any surface to be illuminated by small electric impulses.

Taking a step back, let's revisit the journey that led to this historic moment. Back in Autumn 2023, we joined Renault Trucks in Lyon for a design contest among selected influencers and truckers. Guided by specialists from Renault Trucks, LumiLor and our very own talented 2D graphic artist Annie, the group crafted designs featuring the innovative LumiLor paint job – a luminescent technology capable of creating mesmerizing animations on the truck's surface. You can read more about the design process in our previous blog or watch an SCS On The Road episode from our visit to Lyon below.

After that, two designs were chosen for the public vote in which our community also participated. The beautiful Diamond Echo and Lightning Bolt designs faced off in this vote, with the Diamond Echo eventually taking the first place. Then, the E-Tech T made its way to the LumiLor labs near Dresden for painting.

We are honoured that Renault Trucks invited us to personally attend and amplify the reach of this grand reveal event on April 9 at Renault Trucks' headquarters in Lyon. We can't wait to be able to bring that moment to our #BestCommunityEver through a live stream straight from the venue! It's a testament to our partnership with Renault Trucks and their recognition of our community's importance.

Also, in recent days, you might have noticed some teasers coming from Renault Trucks on their social media and through their newsletter. Now, we are happy to confirm that you have the chance to find something hidden under a blue veil at selected Renault Trucks dealerships in Euro Truck Simulator 2. 

Who knows, perhaps if you can locate this spot, park your current Renault Trucks vehicles in front of the concealed truck, and share a screenshot or video on social media channels tagging SCS Software (X/TwitterInstagramFacebook) and Renault Trucks' (X/Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) main profiles along with the hashtag #ETechTrucking, you might be fortunate enough to receive some exclusive gifts from us and Renault Trucks!

We're proud to be Renault Trucks' trusted partner, ensuring that this historic moment reaches not just automotive enthusiasts but also our #BestCommunityEver. Stay tuned for more information about this project on Renault Trucks' website. Also remember to follow us on our X/TwitterInstagramFacebook, and TikTok so you won't miss out on any news!

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