Friday, March 15, 2024

Nebraska: Art of Nebraska

On your travels throughout the U.S State of Nebraska, a variety of hidden gems await drivers in the form of captivating art murals and street art, transforming ordinary stretches of road into dynamic galleries. From historical references to modern interactive art, our talented teams have recreated and preserved some of these art pieces virtually in our upcoming DLC for American Truck Simulator for drivers to view and enjoy.

These roadside masterpieces, found across towns and cities large and small, offer travellers a glimpse into Nebraska's vibrant artistic tapestry and history. In today's blog, we're happy to share with you a preview into some of the ones you may spot whilst on the road. 

One such mural which can be found in the city of Beatrice, depicts the Pioneers who travelled the Historic Oregon Trail seeking new opportunities in the West. At the bottom of the artwork, you'll see a representation of the Big Blue River, one of the largest tributaries of the Kansas River, which served as notable landmark for the Pioneers, which is found near the city. 

This large art mural which spans across an entire wall depicts an old train station along with a locomotive, harking back to the days when these iconic steam trains traversed Nebraska and passed through the city of Bridgeport. Featured prominently on this artwork is Henry T. Clark. along with the toll bridge he built over the North Platte River, as well as iconic natural landmarks located near the city. 

Some of the other art murals found across Nebraska range from commissioned pieces from the local governments depicting nearby landmarks to notable figures, to older long-standing businesses which used art as a way to attract customers, long before the days of TV and digital advertising.

Today, art comes in many different forms, one such piece of modern artwork which you'll find in this DLC is the Wings Across the Heartland project. This interactive display of art consists of wings painted on buildings in Grand Island, Nebraska and soon across communities located across NE Highway 2. You may spot a few of these on your travels, and even some of the locals posing with these wings!

Art in public places continue to play an important role in preserving culture, conveying the history of local communities, and beautifying local areas. One county in Nebraska is making it their goal to support the creation of murals throughout the area to promote the creative expression of the artist and to provide an enriching visual experience for residents and visitors. From this project, a variety of different artists have been able to display their artwork for all to enjoy. 

We hope you'll look out for some of these unique art pieces and murals on your future travels through Nebraska in American Truck Simulator. Each one has their own story, and we hope you'll take the time to really appreciate the work and time put into each one, both virtually and in real life! We look forward to sharing more previews of this map expansion in the near future. Until then, keep on truckin'!   

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