Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Transport 2011

Another little step in our effort to establish transportation industry relationships - alpha version of Trucks & Trailers is going to be shown in playable form at Transport 2011, major transport exhibition in Denmark. The exhibition is taking place in the city of Herning, in the middle of Jutland, Denmark, this week from April 6th till April 9th.

This event is of course visited mostly by transportation professionals, not by gamers, so industry decision makers will actually be the first to get a taste of our little sim. The game is going to be shown at the booth of Dansk Transport og Logistik and the plan is to have a large screen at the DTL booth with Logitech G27 installed and people invited to come and sit behind the wheel and show their skill.

We have first configured the G27's buttons on the shifter to work as splitter on, splitter off, high range, low range, but in the end most likely for the purpose of the exhibition a simplified shifting scheme will be used.