Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The power of the community

For several months, we have been trying to get in touch with Brazilian game distribution companies. We are well aware that our games have many fans in the country. After all it's not such a surprise - Brazil's transportation industry is huge, and it is a sure inspiration to find interest in games about trucks.

For a company our size, it is not easy to get noticed and get people to listen to us. Truck simulation games are truly a small niche in the eyes of the big publishing houses. Until now, we did not have any success in establishing contacts in Brazil. The language barrier makes things complicated, and sending e-mails to publicly available contact e-mails just did not bear any fruit.

Enter Brazilian fan community - you must have noticed them actively participating in the discussions on the blog lately. We were bombarded with messages and e-mails from fans urging us to act, and we thought to ask back for help - to help us identify the right publishers and their contact info. But it took even more - and we would like to thank Vinícius for making some phone calls to dig deep and persuade one of the Brazilian distributors that our games are worth paying attention.

So now we have a solid contact, and we started preliminary discussions already - hopefully our games will eventually find their way on the retail market in Brazil. Thanks Vinícius, we owe you at the very least a free game!


  1. Bonjour,

    Cela permettra une meilleur entrée d'argent et de pouvoir encore améliorer vos jeux.
    Très beau screen.


    This will allow a better entrance money and can still improve your game.
    Very nice screen.

    Titou, from France.

  2. And why to not make Russia? There beautiful places, landscapes, roads.

  3. Looks very niice (:


  4. Make Greece please. This country has roads of all levels of drivers. And make a bit more narrow traffic lanes there are too wide. This isn't just a game it's a SIMMULATOR.

  5. very nice small road

  6. It's good that SCS can count on the help of the community. I'm looking forward to give you a helping hand with the translations. ;-)

  7. Excellent the single road, SCS SOFTWARE make that the cars can OVERTAKE in single roads PLEASE!

    Greetings from Argentina

  8. Congratz to that brazilian guy, really a lot of respect for him, helping SCS in has free time without charging costs and calling contacts etc.

    People like him make the community bigger and better !

    On the screen: nice road, love those signs and I surely love the environment (hilly) and check out the vegetation, amazing work again.

    Keep us updated, as always ;)


  9. Please Pedestrians in ETS2.....

  10. Nice work SCS but please show us some new signs.
    Hopefully they are better then the old ones...

  11. Excellent news and thank you very much Vinícius. :)
    Lovely image. Keep up the amazing work SCS Software team.

  12. nice maybe you guys can make a simulation for ps3 or somfing else

  13. Brazil has a huge market in the area of ​​transport 70% of goods produced in the country on wheels and so a great passion of the Brazilians by trucks. Vinicios earned Brazil a guy and dale hug to all of SCS remain so enssine and big business that the fans can help a lot on their dezenvolvimento games.

    Elanio Brazil yellow and green in the heart and soul

  14. Wow, great news, now you increase your market in Brazil thanks to Vinícius. Can only be good news for SCS.

  15. Very Good, try to see what those Brazilian made with your game, a completely new game.

    Brazil - England

  16. Absolute respect to Vinícius! Although I'm from Czech Republic and one could say that brazilian market is what I need not to care about, he made very important step for every member of our community around SCS. Brazil is big country with almost 200 millions of people and if things will go well, that means lots and lots of sold copies - more money for future SCS's projects. So we all appreciate it, Vinícius! :-)

    SCS, I whish you good luck in negotations with this new, let's hope, partner. :-)

  17. great picture. and please put a sure date when will appear ETS2 on blog. thanks!!!


    I have a proposal:
    If the game does not have a multiplayer, perhaps you can make a online game?

    I think, that would find many other players a good idea!


  19. Congratulations to Vinicius! It's great to know that this guy got this done. And that makes good use of copy that will receive! This is the best side of this blog! SCS publish and shows us about your the work, but also encourages players to participate and engage in solving problems. Congratulations to Vinicius!

    The game screen is perfect. Again congratulations SCS! And you can count on me to translate the game! Thanks guys ..

    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    São Mateus do Sul - Paraná - Brasil

  20. Sorry SCS but I should say it - the clouds are unreal. The power of HDR (

  21. Excellent picture. It is very scenic. Make the European side of Russia, it will only make the game more realistic. Make snowy weather, because that is not present in German Truck Sim.

  22. Beautiful screenshots looks more like a painting.

  23. Well done, Vinicius, and congratulations, SCS! Way to go! Game makers and community for the win.

    Very nice view there. Almost make me want to be able to get out of the truck, ha ha! But no, no no no. I did say almost. Still, we will have some nice vistas, for certain!

  24. I feel great this good and great news, and hope soon to see great games from SCS in our neighboring sister country, Brazil, from Venezuela to continue to support you in spite of being a small business remain the biggest games of Trucks
    Forward SCS SOFTWARE
    Not because they are small, we do not do big things

    Eu me sinto ótima notícia esta bom e grande, e espero em breve para ver grandes jogos de SCS em nosso país irmão e vizinho, o Brasil, da Venezuela para continuar a apoiá-lo, apesar de ser uma empresa de pequeno porte continuam a ser os maiores jogos de caminhões
    Encaminhar SCS Software
    Não porque eles são pequenos, não fazemos grandes coisas

    Me parece genial esta buena y gran noticia, y esperamos pronto verlos excelentes juegos de SCS en nuestro hermano y vecino pais Brasil, Desde Venezuela seguimos apoyando para que ustedes a pesar de ser una pequeña empresa sigan siendo los mas grandes en juegos de Camiones
    Adelante SCS SOFTWARE
    No por ser pequeños, dejamos de hacer cosas grandes


  25. Now we can help SCS buying the game!

    brazilian fan-site for ETS 2:

  26. Marinheiro Poupuay
    agora sim...só resta saber o distribuidor aqui no brasil p/ poder comprar o jogo original (com preço acessível para todos) e acabar com essa coisa de "Pirataria" :c quando sair...


  27. Thanks to vinicius for getting SCS closer to us!
    I'm really excited to see your games in stores and for sure I'll get the physical copy.

    Best regards from Curitiba, Brazil.

  28. This is really the beginning of something huge. SCS and the communty working TOGETHER. This is how it should be.

    I must admit, that I have downloaded GTS and ATS (all other games from 18WOS AA to ETS, I have bought) but I promise you that this game I will buy. You go a good thing going on.

  29. Yes, new chapter had begun in these days and I'm glad too. Let's hope that translation project and Vinícius's work in Brazil is only start and someday we could work together even more. Of course buying SCS's games and telling about them to our frieds was, is and always will be best support what we can do. ;-)

  30. Thx for your attention SCS... I play the all games since of start and edit very trucks for the games... Now i can have the copy Physical of the game!!!
    ETS2-- The graphics are perfect, dont forget the sounds of the trucks and your game will sold millions of copy!!

    Best regards from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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  32. O jogo novo vai ter tamben estradas de chão? iguais a do PTTM?

  33. Excellent the single road, SCS SOFTWARE make that the cars can OVERTAKE in single roads PLEASE!

    Greetings from Argentina

  34. woowww...nice jobs....!!!

    from Jakarta, Indonesia

  35. ("Anonymous said...
    Make Greece please. This country has roads of all levels of drivers. And make a bit more narrow traffic lanes there are too wide. This isn't just a game it's a SIMMULATOR.")

    They cannot do this because the major of the public playing the game is using keyboards. If you do that and still won’t smaller roads, think that not everyone can be hard core fans. And that the games can satisfy 7 year old boys and girls to. SCS have posted this earlier this year.

    Please reed al the post from SCS before proposing things they shall do. This so that they do not have to post it twice.
    SCS will the game have snow. Is some of Norway in this game, I heard that Sweden is.

  36. Wow, thats great news. Really sounds good.


  37. GOOD WORK!!!!!!
    CONTINUE LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Please village!!! :)

    Good job guys.

  39. Please make Croatia because Croatia has a lot of your fans and players ETS ..... Anyway Croatia joining the European Union 2012
    * * *
    Forgive me for my english

  40. To ^^ anonymous who post

    Wow!!! This is certainly most beautiful ETS mod screenshot I have seen in my entire life. Could you please tell me from which mod/map is it? Many thanks.

  41. The lane widths are OK, I can see no difference between them and real ones (or maybe these people live in countries with narrower, cheapest lanes?)! Keep them that way!
    The clouds are OK! They look very realistic and you shouldn't burden the graphics with something as "untouchable" as the sky!
    But when it comes to trees, they're simply magnificent! That one in the screenshot looks as real as can be! Even with light coming through the leaves? Excellent work!
    And congratulations on your Brazilian breakthrough!

  42. Yes, that tree is magnificent, outsanding, awesome and we can continue with tons of superlatives. Lane widths are also absolutely OK to me. But I must admit with that guy who said "...the clouds are unreal. The power of HDR". First, shapes of clouds are too much sharp. But ok, I can deal with it. After all, it's a game. Second, and more important, they are too much shiny, it's very uncomfortable for eyes - I'm serious. I hope this picture is oversaturated purposely again and devs still searching for right balance of effects.

  43. Good luck for the Brazilian market.
    Greetings to all friends Brazilian from IronArmz!

  44. Could you make Parts of Norway?

  45. parabens scs pelo belo trabalho e por distribuir os seu jogos no brasil sou um grande fã dos seus jogos e aqui no brasil existem muitos mas muitos fãs.tem como vcs mostrar a mercedes actros e o efeito da chuva no parabrisa?

  46. Agora só falta produzir um jogo de simulação brasileira.

    Use this Google Translate.

  47. This is wonderful news, ETS2 able to buy directly in Brazil, SCS congratulations for winning and a big thanks to Vinicius power by providing that a reality... SCS # 1! My straight lengths of the wonderful city Rio de Janeiro! Good work

  48. Parabens a todos da SCS e Vinicius pelo trabalho torcemos para que tudo de certo e que o jogo saia melhor que o esperado, estou curioso será que vai ter pedestres no jogo? Nossa já imaginou um brazilian truck iria ser de mais...

  49. Many of you say that this is a game.
    This is wrong what SCS makes is simulation.
    If you want a game, try Need for Speed.

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  51. Euro truck 2? In version 2 you need to have many improvements. Examples of features more real trucks.

    High Beams in two positions,
    Windshield wipers with adjustable speed,
    Adjust air conditioning,
    Electric windows,
    People in the charts of fuel,
    Being able to create a company with a personalized name,
    Receive calls from the company secretary stating freight
    The driver has his home to family,
    Situations in which the tire puncture,

    In the game, it was a mistake not to have Bitrem. BIG ERROR

    There are 102 keys on the keyboard at least to use as a shortcut. Some features are only animalistic however, is much more fun.

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