Saturday, April 30, 2011

The power of the community #2

Within 12 hours of launching the Trucks & Trailers community translation project, 4 languages were already completed. Now 3 more hours later, we are up to 6 completed languages, and every minute some 10 more strings are translated across the mix of 20+ languages. All this was happening on Friday evening and night (at least for European participants). If anything is a clear indicator of the dedication and strength of the truck sim fan community, this must be it. Amazing!

The work is not quite done yet, even for the languages that the system reports as 100% done the review process is still under way. People can vote for the best translation if there are several competing variants, or still suggest alternatives and improvements. It is still worth it to join in and help.

The initial list of languages entered by SCS seems to have been extended by people offering help with even more languages. However it seems that there is now also a bit a mess being created, for example we had "Turkish (Turkey)" as one of the choices, but in parallel somebody started "Turkish" sub-project, so now it's very likely that some of the effort is lost as the Turkish contributors are split into two uncooperative groups. Please concentrate just on the more-completed variant.


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  2. Bonjour,

    En effet, j'ai participé à la traduction en Français. Et je vois qu'il y a beaucoup de monde aussi pour traduire les autres langues.
    Je suis fier d'avoir pu vous aider, mais ce n'est qu'un début je pense.
    Est-ce une phase de test ou vraiment la traduction du jeu T&T ?

    Merci beaucoup,
    Cédric ( Titou )

    In fact, I participated in the translation into French. And I see a lot of people also translate other languages​​.
    I am proud to have helped you, but this is just the beginning I think.
    Is this a test phase or really the translation of the game T & T?

    Thank you very much,
    Cédric (Titou)

  3. Romanian translation done! Romanian people's would be very happy to Romanian language appear in the game.

    We were honored to participate in translation.


  4. Slovakian Translate Coming Soon.
    By: Robi

  5. Why do you want us to translate to English from English? It's just Ctrl C, Ctrl V.

    This is what the one translating into American English does.

    This is American English. One thing who you can recognize it from is the shortening of worlds. Like this. Don’t, it’s and isn’t.

  6. In just 1 day we completed a mounth of work for FREE. I hope that saved money goes into the game:)
    Now we want to translate Euro truck simulator.
    In the future maybe you should give us more work such as making some objects or textures then sending you to choose or refine it and implement it into the game.

  7. SCS !!!!!!!
    I finnished Hungarian translation ! I sent 2 emails to you as well. You didn't anserwd. A looser started to translate hungarian again and he is doing it with google translator! I wrote you in Email to Dont let every one mess upe our perfect translation with stupid translator programs !
    PLS SCS Anserw me! And do something against these peoples who messes up our work!

    SnyperD! From Hungary !

  8. @SnyperD : You Should learn English first and after start translating.. I saw some translations in Hungarian that are WORSE than Google Translate!

  9. Those were not my work! I wrote it to SCS that newbies messing up my work! I cant write well english but i cant translate to hungarian 100% And you are the one who translating with google translate !!! You are not even from hungary !! Because you wrote hungarian sentences what are dont even exists !!!

  10. You know translating is all about on quality you dont need to translate literally. You need ta make it hungarian and not with dialect !!!

  11. I wasn't talking about your translation... Generally about them.. I saw huge mistakes over there.... This is 100% Google Translate

  12. Are you hungarian? Example Driving licence is Jogosítvány in hungarian form not vezetői engedély!

  13. Translation is not important but Pedestration in ETS2 Please

  14. Translation is not important but Pedestrians in ETS2 Please

  15. Yes I'm... That's the same thing... I know that my translation is 110% perfect but anyway is better than some over there...

  16. I know but if you search for my name SnyperD at statics you will see that im translating almost perfect ! I did not saw yours so i dont say anithing for your knowledge!
    But why did you told me first learn english and than translate? If you are hungarian you will not see any mistake in my translations !!! So please read what are you typing !!!

  17. You guys should not allow any new languages (only by human approval) because the idiots are adding same languages as the ones already translated, making a mess.

    Note: Go Romania :D

  18. "The View the replay" - Magnificent feature! Thank you, SCS)

  19. very nice game

    ETS2 video camera?

    Turkish language very good...

  20. Phew, think I got most to Swedish. Bet I did a bit of typos and such, though, spotted a few on a quick look-over.

    Some nice features in there, by the look of things!

    Anyway, need a break, ha! Read you later...

  21. Please give everyone who has helped in the translation a free copy of the game when it's out!


  23. WOW, simply amazing progress !!!!

  24. I've been translating this into Polish but I'm not finished yet... I'll try and finish it ASAP!

  25. I think people really don't understand the way how GetLocalization webpage works instead of some spite - they simply don't see their native language in list of translations (because finished translations are below in separate list), so they start it.

  26. I can help translate the language to Portuguese =)

  27. Si señor el poder esta en la union...

    If you master the power is in the union ...

  28. Hi, your efforts to improve the game thank. And please, if possible, this game can translate to the Persian language! Fans of the game in Persian language is very high and also abroad. Please do! Iranian translators are high in Europe that can do it. Also, speaking of the Turkish-speaking Community are more and more are calling this game.
    Excuse me if you could not write good English with google translation I've done this. Thank you very much!

  29. Your works is great so ı hope a think.The sounds.That is important.We cannot hear trucks voice on your videos.Thanks for developments.

  30. Para los que traduzcan a español o latino, favor de usar un lenguaje no tan formal, ya que no te acerca al juego, como por ejemplo usar "has completado..." en vez de "ha completado...".

    Salu2 desde chile

  31. I am translating in romanian
    good job SCS Software

    Greetings from Romania,


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