Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trucks & Trailers & the last few weeks

The clock is ticking, and the deadline that we have committed to is fast approaching - we need to finish the work on the game quite soon. We still have a lot of ideas on how to make the game better and more fun to play and replay, but at one point we'll need to say "enough" - this is good enough for version 1.0. The game has already been announced for release into the retail chains by our territorial distributors, and we had better deliver on time.

Depending on how well you guys receive the game, we are thinking of reserving some capacity for adding new features to the game post-release. Not just bug fixing, but actually supporting the game with major new features. Some of the things we would like to try in the T&T setting are just too tempting. We may not be able to get them into the initial release of the game, but we may develop them over time. Now let's just hope that the game will not bomb in sales - we would be in trouble and less inclined to invest more time and effort (=money) into the project.