Friday, June 8, 2012

Release & Post-release

When a game is released, it's hard to pinpoint a specific moment in time when the team can consider the work to be truly finished. The game has "gone gold" a few days ago already - we have started producing the "gold masters" for our publishing partners - but the process has been going on through the whole week and it's going to continue well into the next week.

Meanwhile, we have been hard at work finishing elements of the official game website (, which we expect to launch early next week.

Our brave group of beta testers kept torturing the game even after the official finish line, and they have managed to discover a few glitches that we need to fix. So the programmers and designers kept going, working on the first patch of the game. If you are curious, here is the "changelog" so far:
  • Additional type of steering wheel & pedals-friendly automatic gearbox which does not flip brake and accelerator pedals during reverse movement.
  • It is possible to give hints to the automatic gearbox using the Shift Up/Shift Down buttons.
  • Fixed HUD mirrors and look presets for UK vehicles.
  • Fixed waiting times on gas stations
  • Better TV camera placement on several YETD challenges
  • Three additional bonus Dangerous Drives levels built
The game has also started to get mentions in the news. Scania corporation has a piece of news on their Newsroom announcing the upcoming game. Over at, a competition has been announced giving away copies of Scania Truck Driving Simulator to winners over the next couple of days.

We also need to prepare more promotional material to warm up the public to the game launch, and today we have a new little movie for you, showing scenes from the free-driving map.