Monday, June 24, 2019

Careers at SCS Software

Having a fan community as great as the one we have brings many benefits. You may have noticed that there's a good number of people on the SCS team who were hired from the community. They ended up working full time on what was once “only” their favourite game. We're sure that names like 50Keda, SiSL, Mandelsoft, LondonLad, RootKiller, Natvander, Oscar and others are well known to many among you - and every single one of them has brought a unique approach to help our games grow.

We have had great experiences with modders and content creators joining our team. As we still continue to grow in the effort to improve the quality and scope of future projects, we've decided to approach you, our community about our open job opportunities. If you have ever given any thought about joining SCS Software team, now's the best time to do that!

Currently, we have 9 open positions which you can browse in detail on our company career page. For each of these positions, we are open to accepting more applicants. Let's introduce the 3 main openings!

World/ Map designer

We are looking for talented Junior and Senior map designers. Right now we're looking for a good number of both, as we're trying to expand our map teams and speed up production. So if you already have some game design experience or better yet, experience with making/modifying maps for our games, or you simply feel you got the talent and love for our games, you're who we're looking for!

3D artist

We're also looking for Junior and Senior 3D artists. If you have working experience in Maya, Photoshop and a portfolio featuring your professional or private 3D work, do not hesitate to contact us. There's a wide variety of possible work specialisations and we'll be happy to go through them with you to find the one that interests you most!


There are two options for you. As a "regular" programmer; you are strong in C++ and well versed with common development tasks such as debugging, profiling, and VCS management. You can focus on a specific part of our game development; one which is best suited to your skillset (see "Considerable pluses").

Or if your interest is programming and also graphics, you may be suited for the position of Maya Specialist. You will be working in close cooperation with our graphics team to create new tools and improvements, giving them more and better options for future projects!

Languages used in our office are Czech and English, so the ability to speak one of them well is needed. However, the most important part is the passion for our games.

All these positions are full-time and based in our Prague studio, we'll be happy to give a hand if you need to relocate. After all, living in one of the most beautiful and safest cities in Europe while working on something you love sounds like a great idea, right? :)

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