Monday, June 17, 2019

#IDriveDAF competition: results

After our previous contests, we were sure that you won't let us down when we started the #IDriveDAF competition - and you didn't. There were over 3,000(!) valid contest entries on specified social media, and a lot more posted on the World of Trucks galleries, community sites, FB fan-sites, and other places.

Judging this many entries was a very hard task. With the "semifinal" pick counting more than 100 pictures, we felt bad for every single one of those discarded as we moved towards the final selection. Pretty often a dozen of you had the same idea for the shot and having to choose only one was very difficult. Sadder still was to exclude wonderful pictures, where the author forgot to tag SCS software or DAF trucks and unfortunately didn't qualify. Nevertheless, we had to choose some winners - and here they are!

First place and winner of the DAF miniature truck (large) + SCS hoodie,
T-shirt and hat is:

Second place and winner of the DAF jacket + SCS hoodie and T-shirt is:

Third place and winner of the DAF travel bag + SCS T-shirt set and hat is:

Fourth place and winner of the DAF polo shirt + SCS mug set de Luxe or travel mug set and lunchbox is:

Fifth place and winner of the DAF miniature truck (small) + SCS bag and lanyard is:

All the winners above will be contacted shortly via the same platform they entered through;  if you're one of them, do check your messages! They will also receive a Steam key from our catalogue of their choosing.


We and DAF Trucks both are very happy that you guys have enjoyed the contest so much - and thus we've decided to reward a few more of you, in addition to the original 5 winners, so here are some honourable mentions picked from the huge number of other wonderful screenshots that didn't make it to the top.

Those who submitted these selected images will receive a Steam key from our catalogue of their choosing. Perhaps you would like to express your love for these pictures too; the names are hyperlinked, so you are welcome to click on their names and give them a like! Some were really creative, especially on the start of the contests, when hunt for the locations from the video was most intensive! :)

So in no particular order, here they are: Vyacheslav88transnet_group ; sendlok_pl ; mrandytf ; NIHONSAKARI ; Evisson Santos ; SimülasyonTÜRKRikard JohanssonChristopher Stolzken.anderson

Despite the careful pick from both SCS software and DAF trucks, there are still many more amazing pictures - so if you want to see more, just search for #IDriveDAF!

We would like to express a massive thank you to all participants. Keep on trucking!

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