Thursday, June 27, 2019

Crossing the gap

Following the latest mini-update for 1.35 and the recently released Washington map expansion and Forest Machinery DLC, we think that it is time to highlight the most important feature extension.

Since the announcement of Beyond the Baltic Sea, you have been speculating on how we are going to solve the issue that arises when someone owns a map expansion that is without a direct connection to the base game map (and possibly other map expansions one may have). The release of Washington marks the first time that this has happened in the history of our games (if a player did not already own the Oregon DLC).

Right from the Closed Beta for the 1.35 Update, you've had the option to buy garages online. This is tailored mostly for our seasoned gamers who already have the required number of garages and some spare cash. New players will have to work to unlock this privilege.

For new players who are just getting into our games, we're adding a second option based on a wider range of Quick Job starting locations. This allows for a new trucker to explore any part of the map (enabling one to purchase a garage there) and to then teleport between purchased garages. We hope that this resolves the issue caused by unconnected map expansions for everyone, both for now and for the future.

In more news, we have just added new Steam achievements for the Forest Machinery DLC (you didn't think we'd leave you achievement-less, right? :) ).

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