Saturday, October 17, 2020

Community Spotlight: Truckers.FM 5th Anniversary

Our #BestCommunityEver is full of many wonderful and talented individuals, teams and groups who bring a variety of projects, modifications, and more for everyone to enjoy. Today, we are bringing a special blog post on one of the more unique communities who are celebrating their 5th Anniversary this weekend. 

On the 16th of October 2015, Truckers.FM, a dedicated online radio station for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator drivers, began broadcasting on-air with a small team of friends. Today, Truckers.FM is the largest radio station dedicated to the Truck Simulation community and one of the biggest in the gaming radio genre. 

With a strong team of  40+ volunteers consisting of management, presenters, production, Discord moderators, and even a dedicated event ‘street’ team from around the world, TFM has grown into a fully-fledged independent radio station that is popular among a wide array of simulation gamers. 

Every day, Truckers.FM broadcasts to thousands of unique listeners with a variety of radio shows,  keeping truckers in-game entertained and informed on the latest news whilst on the road. We are happy to see how this part of our fanbase has grown in the past 5 years, and we wish TFM many more years of success! We are proud to have such amazing team on-board with us through all these years and we really appreciate all the support and extra promotion for our newest content, events, releases, and all other hot news that they've always been ready to voluntarily promote. Plus, thanks to these guys and their project we were also able to meet and later welcome to our internal team one of our best community managers we've ever had - Alex a.k.a London!

This weekend they are hosting #TFM5, a celebration of their 5th anniversary, and the individuals who help support them with a virtual truck fest and convoy being hosted on the TruckersMP servers & special on-air programming. That is not all, however, as they have teamed up with HyperX, Fanatec & many more great developers and teams to giveaway over 2000 euros in prizes on their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and on-air at Truckers.FM. And we have pledged ourselves to not only support their celebration by spreading the word about it but also providing them a bunch of free Steam keys for multiple DLCs, to spice-up the pool of gifts a little bit. So make sure to give them a follow and to tune-in this weekend!

Find out all the details on how you can attend and take part in their virtual celebrations on TruckersMP at their dedicated blogpost here.

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