Monday, October 12, 2020

Colorado - Denver

A trip to Colorado is not complete without a visit to the state's capital city. Located where the prairies of the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, Denver is home to an array of historic locations, attractions, and most importantly for truckers, industries! 

Nicknamed the Mile High City, Denver features accurate representations of famous landmarks and industries for drivers to discover and deliver cargo to, in our upcoming Colorado DLC for American Truck Simulator

One of the largest contributors to the local economy is Denver International Airport, which our designers say is one of the best representations of an airport we have in our game to date. Drivers can expect to see lots of details around the airport including Denver's famous horse statue. Truckers can also deliver to and from a fan-favorite cargo drop off point, located in the inside of a large cargo aircraft. 

So what other economies can you find in Denver? From beverage factories to wind power plant construction sites, drivers can expect to find a wide array of freight and cargo contracts to and from the city. 

Denver will also feature a realistic road network, including the famous 'mousetrap intersection' which is best known for its spaghetti-like design. Interested to learn more about Colorado's road networks? Check out a previous blog post on the subject here.

Just as important as the roads, is the management of them, which is why our teams have paid special attention to the unique traffic lights which are found across the state. Our designers have recreated and implemented them in the correct areas according to where they are found in reality. Players who know Colorado might be able to recognize the junctions and intersections from these pictures, just from the traffic lights alone.

Already making plans to visit Denver in American Truck Simulator? Then make sure to add Colorado to your Steam Wishlist! It really helps support our upcoming expansions and notifies you of any releases or future sales. We thank you for your support.


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