Saturday, October 3, 2020

ETS2: Low-bed & Low-loader Trailers

American Truck Simulator is not the only title that will receive an update to its lowboy trailers. We are happy to share that low-bed & low-loader trailers in Euro Truck Simulator 2 will also be receiving a complete refresh in the next 1.39 update!

You would be dead wrong if you thought we just took our former trailers and enabled trailer ownership by flicking a magic switch. We actually had to "throw them away" and make new ones. These new low-bed & loader trailers (also those from Schwarzmüller DLC!) have gone through a complete overhaul and will now offer drivers a ton of new customization options.

Low-bed and low-loader trailers now come in two main versions - short and extended, plus they now have customizable chasses which can affect their suitability for heavy cargoes. You will now also be able to adjust and tune them up with multiple new options like colours, rear bumpers and banners, markers, lights, ramps, side protectors, multiple versions of side/tool boxes, beacons, strobes, mudflaps, and more! Every single one of these new options had to be adjusted properly for each of these new trailers, to be sure that they fit perfectly!

You can probably imagine that behind-the-scenes, a lot of hard work went into these trailers to ensure they will run smoothly with other parts and cargoes in Euro Truck Simulator 2. All 37 visual cargoes that are transportable on the original trailers went through some modifications to work well with the new and redesigned trailers. Our 3D graphic artists had to even completely rework some of the cargoes (e.g. the milling machine and some of the excavators); other cargoes had to be adjusted, moved, and retouched to fit perfectly on every single one of these new trailers. That means that each of these cargoes had to be created in multiple versions, as there are around 130 possible combinations. After this, we also had to adjust all the elements that secured the cargo to the trailer. This meant that all the chains, straps, and more needed some attention too! 

However, this revamp does not only concern the trailer and cargo models. Everything is interconnected with many other elements, which meant that besides revisiting our in-game economy data, weight limits had to be adjusted, trailers' load capacity had to be checked, even surrounding and intro cutscenes from our Special Transport DLC had to be re-worked to match all the changes that were done on the cargoes and trailers. This major update affects not only the base game of ETS2, but also a lot of other DLCs such as the Heavy Cargo PackHigh Power Cargo Pack, or the already-mentioned Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack and Special Transport.

All in all, a lot of work from our vehicle team went into bringing you these trailers, and we couldn't be more excited to finally share this update with you, as well as to get your amazing help to make it all perfect in the open-beta for this upcoming update.

So when will you get the chance to own and drive these new and updated low-bed and low-loader trailers for yourself? In our next 1.39 update of course! Stay tuned for more news here on our official blog. But until then, stay safe and keep on truckin'.

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