Friday, July 30, 2021

Convoy - Community Spotlight

With the recent release of the Convoy feature for ATS and ETS2, our social media channels have witnessed an avalanche of absolutely incredible photos and videos from your first multiplayer journeys, in which you and your friends were taking on the same jobs and delivering cargo together. It’s difficult to simply express with words how much we appreciate this kind of feedback, since in the end, whatever we do we are doing for the happiness of our #BestCommunityEver. 

What you will see here is just a small selection of videos we have laid our eyes on and there is much more here and here. Feel free to keep sending us pictures and videos on our social media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and we’ll make sure to check them out as well!

In addition to screenshots and videos, quite often there are developers who are watching the ETS2 and ATS categories on Twitch, so the streamers certainly do not have to feel left out.

We also immensely value the amount of positive feedback we have received for the update in comment sections and on our forums. We know you have been waiting to drive together with your friends for a long time, so do not be afraid and start a Convoy session yourself or jump into an already created one and work together with your fellow truckers in this awesome new multiplayer experience!

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