Monday, July 12, 2021

#CruisingIberia Event Conclusion

Since April, drivers across the world have been taking part in the #CruisingIberia World of Trucks event. This special event was to celebrate the release of the Iberia DLC in Euro Truck Simulator 2, where drivers had the opportunity to earn rewards by completing personal and community goals whilst discovering cities across this giant Peninsula.

In just over a week, you smashed the community goal of 250,000,000km! Wow! We couldn't believe how fast the goal was met; it just goes to show the amazing power of our #BestCommunityEver. Whilst the community goal was completed, there were still many truckers who did not have the time to complete their personal goal to deliver cargo to or from 20 cities in Iberia. So we decided to extend the event, just to make sure everyone got a chance to gain their rewards.

However, with new events on the horizon, #CruisingIberia must, unfortunately, come to end, but let us take a moment to take a look at some of the stats that you achieved whilst exploring our newest addition to ETS2! 

Incredible work truckers! We cannot thank you enough for your support during the release of Iberia. It really does bring a lot of joy to our team to see how much you enjoy participating in these events. We hope you ride with pride with your newly acquired Iberian-themed paint jobs & cabin accessories which you have earned. 

Iberia wasn't the only place where our community made themselves known! You also took to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages with the hashtag #CruisingIberia and shared photos and videos of your journeys across Iberia. We absolutely loved seeing all of your reactions to the many unique locations, landmarks, and industries this part of the world has to offer. 

We cannot wait to get trucking again with you soon in a future World of Trucks event, which may be arriving sooner than you think.

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