Thursday, July 22, 2021

Wyoming - Weigh Stations

There are so many pieces in a trucker’s life that all fit together like a perfectly-built puzzle. From driving on the road to passing by various landmarks, there are certain aspects you simply cannot leave out. One of those elements are undoubtedly the weigh stations. Today we will take a look at some of these locations that will be featured in the upcoming Wyoming DLC.

While the function of weigh stations remains unchanged and they may even seem trivial to some, to others they have become well known and unique places. Echo Point of Entry may certainly be remembered for its rich history and unique design. Not only was this particular station constructed before the famous Interstate 80 was built, the support of commercial vehicles in this area dates back all the way to 1952. But the story with I-80 doesn’t end here, as you will also have a chance to stop by for an inspection at the Evanston I-80 Point of Entry!

There will be several more weigh stations situated throughout Wyoming, and while some of them may not draw their power from history or their architectural value, stopping at Alpine Point of Entry, for examplewill leave you in awe purely due to the marvelous mountains nearby. On the contrary, Cheyenne I-25 Point of Entry will give you the opportunity to see far into the distance thanks to its surrounding prairies. 

We hope you have enjoyed this peek at some of the weigh stations that will be arriving in Wyoming DLC. If you did, make sure to put some "weight" on the Steam Wishlist button and you’ll always be in touch with any news regarding the new map expansion.

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