Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Wyoming - Farms & Agriculture

Agriculture has been an integral part of every human society for thousands of years and it is truly exceptional how this practice of cultivating plants and livestock remains just as important to this very day. For Wyoming, modern farming is a key component in the overall economy of the state. Let’s take a closer look at the Cowboy State and examine why the previous statement is true and along the way show you multiple new screenshots from the upcoming map expansion as well!

In Wyoming, agriculture is one of the top three industries (along with minerals and tourism) and it contributes approximately $2 billion per year to the state’s economy. The local cattle industry dates back to the middle 1800­'s and in the following hundred years, cattle ranching became one of the most noteworthy businesses with Cheyenne becoming a world trade center for cattle. It is due to the state’s vegetation in the grasslands and mountains that livestock cultivation is able to thrive.

With more than eleven thousand farms producing commodities across the state and over thirty million acres of farmland, the importance of the industry is truly difficult to miss. Interestingly enough, land-related to agriculture takes up about fifty-five percent of the total land in Wyoming, with wheat contributing the highest production value out of all other crops.

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