Tuesday, April 19, 2022

California Rework - Eureka

You might be familiar with the word eureka, which is quite notoriously used in order to express the feeling of coming up with a new invention or perhaps a breakthrough discovery. Well, as it may happen, the name of the city of Eureka in California originates from this Ancient Greek word, and amazingly, there are many new additions arriving in the local area in the upcoming California Rework project. Let’s see if you will scream the word yourself after taking a look at all the changes!

Eureka is a city with an incredibly rich history, with its founding dating back all the way to 1850. While bits and pieces of history are noticeable at almost every corner, there is hardly a better representation than the local Victorian homes. This architecture is truly rare in the US and we’ve had to create brand new assets in order to properly represent this unique piece of history.

Since the city is situated fairly close to Oregon - and this northern area is very reminiscent of its redwood forest - the local wood production and timber operations, along with the lumber industry, present an important part of the entire area’s industry. While previously any traces of this industry were missing, now you will be able to enjoy the entire production chain, as one depot will be located in a forest, then there will be a new sawmill, and finally, the produced material will be delivered to an area with an unfinished wooden house. 

From a practical standpoint, Eureka brings two new details never before seen in the world of ATS. Firstly, you will most likely immediately notice that there is something different with some of the local traffic lights. There are yellow stripes around them! This change improves the visibility and also follows the latest real-life expansion of this technical tweak, as the yellow borders are becoming more and more common.

Secondly, in order to once again improve the visibility and to stay in touch with the latest trend, we will introduce the so-called doghouse traffic lights. This is a type in which there are two columns of yellow and green signals under a single red signal.

Overall, we have done our best to properly represent the current real counterpart by highly reworking the city’s layout. The zoning will be more visible and the street themselves are now much more realistic, especially with the addition of two one-way streets in the center of the town. 

We have also added new landmarks in the center that respect the local architecture and history, and we hope that these changes will help you feel the true spirit of this wonderful city. And if you need something more practical for that, you can stop to visit a new rest stop, service station, or refueling spot!

So, would you say these changes from the upcoming California Rework for American Truck Simulator are worth letting the eureka word out? If you think so, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments! But, we still have a bit more information from the project up our sleeves, so maybe you might want to save the word for later. For now, follow our social media profiles instead (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), or subscribe to our newsletter, to not only stay in touch with the latest news but find a lot of interesting and exclusive content. 

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