Monday, April 11, 2022

Montana - 18 Wheels of Steel Legacy

It's time to take a trip down memory lane! Back in August of 2002, we developed the simulator title "18 Wheels of Steel". Many of our trucking veterans may even remember playing this game when it first released. One of the locations you could go trucking to in one of the sequels (Extreme Trucker 2) was the U.S state of Montana, which happens to be also one of the current map expansions we are working on for American Truck Simulator. With this sort of history, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to revisit some of these iconic areas in our upcoming DLC. 

One such location is Thompson Falls, a quiet city in Montana, best known for its charming downtown, natural beauty and its waterfalls! However, as many of our veteran truckers might remember, this location is also known for its logging and sawmill industries, both which were featured in 18 Wheels of Steel; and both which will still continue to operate virtually to this day in our upcoming Montana DLC. 

Our map team has recreated Thompson Falls and its industries using similar and reworked assets from the original game. From the street lamps to very road network layout itself, this area has been preserved as a little piece of simulator history. 

Our teams have also hidden quite a few 18 Wheels of Steel easter eggs around the map, so we really hope you will take the time to explore and discover them for yourself. 

No matter if you're visiting for the first time, or taking a trip down memory lane, we hope you will enjoy visiting some of these special areas which we hold close to our heart. Let us know in the comments if you remember truckin' to Thompson Falls or any of the surrounding areas! 

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