Tuesday, April 5, 2022

California Rework - Napa Valley

California reigns as the state of viticulture, producing nearly 90% of all fermented grape juice made in the United States; and the Napa Valley is just one area which is home to many vineyards which produces the fruit needed. Today, we are giving you a look at this famous location which has been reworked in our on-going California rework project for American Truck Simulator.  

The growing of grapes and other fruit is a multi-million dollar industry that never stops. All year round, farmers are hard at work, picking fruit, planting new trees and cultivating the land to grow it on. With so much produce, equipment and more needed for these farms, it is no surprise that truckers play a vital part in this area.

The team behind the California rework project have used every inch possible within our map to give this area a complete overhaul. Drivers will be sure to notice a noticeable difference when compared with its current in-game representation. From the winding roads passing between vineyards, to the beautiful nature that surrounds the entire area, drivers will have plenty to explore. 

Truckers will also be able to discover an updated vineyard industry, which features a brand new depot and in-game company, Mon Couer, the newest viticulture company in town. You can expect to deliver essential equipment and of course plenty of fruit when taking job contracts in this area. 

So what do you think of the Napa Valley? We personally think its grape! We look forward for you exploring this area for yourself, until then however, be sure to to go back and read some of our previous updates from the state, in which we have covered so many upcoming reworked areas here.

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