Wednesday, February 15, 2023

West Balkans - Nature

With 8 new countries included in the upcoming West Balkans DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, our teams have their hands full; Especially when it comes to creating its abundant amount of wilderness and nature. With its exceptional wealth of plant and animal life, the Western Balkans is one of the richest parts of Europe in terms of biodiversity.

It is also a region that is mostly covered in mountain ranges, especially between the northwest and southeast. Drivers can expect a very diverse terrain profile when it comes to trucking, including some very scenic mountain routes. 

Of course, not everywhere is hilly! You'll come across more even looking terrain as you travel inland. In these areas, you'll find that agriculture is more prominent, as conditions are more favourable for growing fruits, vegetables and livestock; especially in the warmer climates.

The West Balkans are also home to a variety of beautiful National Parks, which include everything from verdant valleys, to towering mountains, and a diverse array rivers, waterfalls and more which await visitors in this historic region.

With so much ground to cover, we are sure you'll have plenty time on the road to take it all in. We look forward to sharing more in-depth development blogs in the future which will feature specific areas. Like what you see? Consider adding the West Balkans DLC to your Steam Wishlist, it really helps support our studio and we thank those that have done so already!

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