Thursday, February 23, 2023

SCS On The Road - Wielton Production Plant

It's now time to reveal one of our projects that we've been working on for some time already, and to confirm all the speculations about the very cool yet mysterious and unique video we published back in October. Yes, we're talking about the teaser in which not only members of our crew, but a real camel took part in as well! 

Everyone who speculated that this teaser is related to the European trailer company Wielton was right, and we are proud to officially confirm that the cooperation is real and it’s happening. We got in touch with the amazing people from Wielton back in 2022 at the IAA automotive fair in Hannover, where the initial discussions and the first steps in our common interest to bring Wielton trailers into Euro Truck Simulator 2 began. We were honored to find out that the team over at Wielton was already very familiar with ETS2 and with our #BestCommunityEver, and that they were ready and looking forward to joining the truck sim universe with their famous brand.

From the very first moment, it has been nothing but joy and fun to work with Wielton, and we are grateful to be connected to such a cool and open-minded team of people working within the automotive industry. From providing us with high-quality reference data for our vehicle department to being creative in producing unusual but cool marketing content - it's been an absolute pleasure to work on this project together!

A few weeks back, we were also invited to visit their production plant in Wieluń, Poland, to gather some tiny pieces of missing reference data for our 3D graphics designers, and to also take a guided tour through their facility to check out the production process. We can now confirm that we have seen with our own eyes how their teams are tirelessly making sure every single one of their trailers, every tiny detail and part is being made with a deep dedication for perfection and top quality! And we’ve observed their production very closely, as you can tell by the video below!

We would love to use this opportunity to express our deep gratitude to everyone from the Wielton team for all the help that they have given us so far. We can't say when this project will be ready for a release, but if you'll keep your eyes on our communication platforms such as our social media channels you surely won't miss any updates related to this topic!

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