Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Sweet Valentine Event Conclusion

With the intention of celebrating the timeless tradition of Valentine’s day, exactly two weeks ago we introduced a brand-new thematic World of Trucks event, in which we asked the players to deliver special Valentine Presents cargo across all the trucking territories. And now, since the event was successfully concluded on Sunday the 19th, we'd like to thank and congratulate everyone for taking part and offer you some final thoughts and impressions.

The community goal which was set at 500,000 deliveries was actually completed before Valentine’s Day itself and we consider that to be absolutely amazing! We knew that achieving this number wouldn’t be an easy task but all of you managed to surprise us with your true passion and dedication to finish the goal as quickly as possible. We also appreciate all the feedback we have received and, as we hope to return with another event next year, we’ll make sure to take it all into consideration. For now, let’s take a look at some of the final statistics from this year’s Sweet Valentine event.

These numbers are truly incredible and we hope you are enjoying the Trucker Cupid and Box of Chocolate rewards. We realize that Valentine’s Day is a really time-limited holiday, but you can now explore ETS2 or ATS with the accessories all year long. Additionally, don’t forget we have also updated the Valentine’s Paint Job Pack for each game with the styles used for the special event cargo!

The power of our #BestCommunityEver is always one of the main highlights of any event and it was awesome to see you all sharing the love all over social media and other platforms, such as Youtube or Twitch. We really enjoyed looking at the screenshots, videos, and live streams, and it brings a lot of joy to all our teams to see how much you enjoy these World of Trucks events.

Once again, we are grateful for all your effort and the love you showed us during this event. We hope we’ll be able to provide you with more challenges and entertainment in the future as well, and while we are unable to say right now what our plans are, keep an eye out on our social media (TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) to always be notified of any potential announcement.

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