Thursday, February 2, 2023

SCS On The Road: Scania Demo Centre

At the end of last week, a small crew returned from an exciting and promising business trip to Södertälje, Sweden, where both the Scania headquarters and their Demo Centre are located. 

Our excellent relationship with Scania meant we were able to organize a very interesting agenda for our visit. While the main goal of our crew was to record the sounds of a few of Scania's new engines, we have also been able to spice up our schedule a bit with activities related to a few other promising projects too. These will have to remain secret for some time, but we are sure you will love what we have planned.

When it comes to the sound-recording part of our trip to Södertälje, we are happy to have successfully gathered samples and material for three amazing engines Scania offers for their trucks - the 560HP Super (Inline 6), the 590HP V8, and the mighty 770HP V8. We would like to use this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Helene, Joar, and their teams from Scania who helped make this happen and made our team feel like honored guests. It's always great for us to see when partners like Scania take any cooperation or project with us this seriously.

We can't really promise when you can expect all this material to be processed and implemented into the game, but when they are ready you can look forward to new engine options for Scania trucks along with their authentic sounds!

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