Friday, August 27, 2021

Visit to Feldbinder

We know our #BestCommunityEver loves to see sneak-peeks behind the scenes and we have something very special for you today. A small team of our vehicle artists went to Germany recently and visited Feldbinder Spezialfahrzeugwerk GmbH to check out their amazing vehicles at two of their facilities at Winsen and Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Let’s take a look at the information our team has managed to gather and the overall experience of this interesting visit!

Our contacts at Feldbinder were so kind that they invited us to their facilities and provided our team with an all-inclusive package of premium care and hospitality. The idea behind this invitation was actually conceived by one of Feldbinder's employees, Leon (in the image below), who is a passionate ETS2 player with over 1500 hours of game time. Not only did our team get the opportunity to meet this passionate fan in person, they were also fortunate enough to meet technical managers at the facilities, who provided us with plenty of information about their trailer configurations.

The topic of configurations brings us to the simple but important mission our team was entrusted with. Apart from simply shaking hands, making contacts and strengthening our relationship right from the start, the goal was also to gather reference data and scans for some of their vehicles which we would like to bring for our players to ETS2 via 3D reconstruction using photogrammetry (as shown in the image below).

Please keep in mind that this is only the start of an extremely interesting and promising cooperation, and we cannot provide any more information on what the future will bring for ETS2. We will, however, do our best to keep you updated as our teams continue in the process of modelling these vehicles.

We are truly grateful to Feldbinder for this opportunity and their efforts to make our team feel at home during the visit, from which we have gathered over 10,000 reference photos totalling over 275GB. Make sure to check them out on their Facebook page and give them some love! 

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